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Social impact, audience engagement, and a strong online presence, are all vital factors in the non-profit sector. At ITCC, we understand the challenges that are unique to your organisation when trying to platform your brand values in the online marketplace, as well as methods to find high-value opportunities for growth and outreach. Our mission is to empower non-profit organisations with strategic solutions that leave time for the most important areas of public service.

Non-Profit Market Overview

Projected compound annual growth rate of non-profit software market in the next five years

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The top 10 Nonprofits software vendors accounted of the global nonprofits applications market in 2021

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Projected compound annual growth rate of global NGOs and charitable organisations in 2025

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Market valuation of non-profit organisations in 2022

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Projected market growth of non-profit organisations in 2023

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Projected non-profit market value by 2029

Insights from Maximise Market Research

Non-Profit Digital Marketing Strategies

ITCC will manage every aspect of your non-profit software development, while providing expert assistance at any point in your project’s development.

Propel your non-profit's online presence with strategic backlinks and influencer collaborations. Benefit from the creation of a robust backlink profile from ITCC, enhancing the search engine visibility of your non-profit, and boost your brand awareness with high-engagement influencers who share your vision. Leverage the impact of powerful digital connections to amplify the reach, value, and impact of your organisation’s activities with a digital network that fosters a unified passion for your specific cause.

Communicate the story and vision of your non-profit in a unique way with ITCC video campaign optimisation. With strategic use of eye-catching, high-impact, concise visual storytelling to show value to your customer base, we focus on crafting bespoke video material that resonates directly with your target audience. Optimised for a broad array of channels and social media platforms, ITCC utilises analytics to refine its approach to your brand and its core mission. Our goal is to evoke emotion and engender a shared engagement in your organisation’s activities, driving awareness and inspiring effective action for your cause.

Maximise your non-profit's visibility with targeted PPC campaigns. With the strategic use of relevant keyword targeting, focused content creation to platform your brand’s activities, and captivating landing pages that invite exploration, our PPC marketing campaigns ensure your budget is wisely invested for maximum results. Drive targeted traffic to your website, maximise your donations, and broaden the influence of your non-profit’s humanitarian initiatives.

Remain at the top of your supporters’ lists with strategic retargeting strategies. Attract the attention of new visitors, or retain the support of ongoing advocates, with the application of tailored ads across multiple digital platforms. Focusing on the known needs of your existing supporters, or by identifying the desired areas of engagement for new contacts, our strategic retargeting services will keep your organisation front and centre within the non-profit sector. Remind audiences of your mission and secure their ongoing support with digital platforms that invite and encourage.

Provide value for your engaged audience with email marketing that informs and excites. With the creation of compelling content campaigns that showcase the impact of your non-profit, you can be sure to invite further support and donations from your existing contacts pool. With personalised content and targeted messaging, our aim is to nurture your customer relationships and ensure your supporters stay up-to-date with the ongoing initiatives and campaigns of your non-profit organisation.

Employ the power of AI to heighten the impact of your digital marketing efforts. With strategic implementation of artificial intelligence, your non-profit can benefit from in-depth data analysis to offer business insights, as well as operational assistance with task automation and effective time-saving efficiencies. From predicting donor behaviour to optimising content distribution flow, AI tools can enhance your business’s time use with and allow your non-profit to make a greater impact with limited resources.

Foster a vibrant online community and amplify your non-profit's message through social media engagement. Our approach involves crafting shareable content, fostering conversations, and utilising social media analytics to refine strategies. By leveraging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we create a dynamic online presence that mobilises supporters and strengthens your non-profit's digital footprint.

We believe in the transformative power of stories. What sets us apart as an agency is an approach to content creation that showcases the core aspects of your brand identity and mission statement. Inspiring action within your existing contact base by creating audience-targeted content, we strive to invite deeper understanding of your non-profit’s positive impact and changes for the better within the philanthropic sector.

Boost your non-profit's impact and awareness with our creative branding approach. We meticulously design brand elements that communicate your values, vision, and unique agenda. From bold logo design to balanced colour schemes across your online presence, we ensure that every aspect of your branding tells a cohesive and visually compelling story. Our goal is to create a memorable and distinctive brand that resonates with your audience and remains in the mind and memory.

Foster meaningful engagement with, and support for, your non-profit across all channels of digital and social media marketing. Utilising a holistic approach to digital marketing, we employ a suite of tools and techniques to maximise your organisation’s impact and visibility. Targeted advertising, content marketing, and SEO optimisation all strategically employed to secure your non-profit a leading position within the digital landscape. Heighten your visibility and accessibility, and unify a community toward a shared mission to make vital changes within the non-profit space.

Harness the full potential of social media for your non-profit with our effective engagement strategies. We create and curate content that sparks conversations, encourages sharing, and builds a loyal community. Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we foster an interactive and dynamic online presence that strengthens connections with supporters, amplifying your non-profit's reach and impact.

Keeping track of all aspects of your business activities is a key component of ITC’s digital marketing approach. Implementing proactive measurement and reporting mechanisms to keep track of your business campaigns, our detailed analytics provide insights numerous areas of insight: metrics informing audience engagement, tracking of donation patterns, and statistics revealing campaign effectiveness. The value of a data-driven approach from ITCC ensures a continuous refinement of the strategies employed to strengthen your non-profit’s impact and the ongoing growth of your brand’s tangible results.

Unify your brand’s advocacy network with a clear presentation of your mission statement - foster a sense of belonging within one overarching ambition to make good in the world. Involving the creation of digital platforms for both online and offline functionality, our community-building initiatives create space for supporters to connect, share their experiences relevant to your non-profit’s endeavours, and actively participate in that driving goal. Cultivate a strong online community by amplifying the collective impact of your support base, and platform a network that champions your cause with a sustained branch of outreach and engagement. Foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose with our community building initiatives.

Extend the reach and influence of your non-profit through strategic partnerships and collaborations. Helping your brand identify like-minded organisations and businesses that align with your non-profit’s mission statement, ITCC also leverages its social media influencer roster to further expand your brand awareness and impact. Forge meaningful collaborations to amplify your business operations and create organisational synergies that will allow your brand to reach new audiences and strengthen the endeavours of your non-profit.

Digital Marketing Services: Our Bespoke Approach

An agency without a specific understanding of the non-profit experience is not going to bring your brand’s vision to fruition, and it won’t platform your values to the right audience. That’s where ITCC comes in: we get to the heart of what drives your organisation and how to communicate core values with targeted demographics.

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