Ten Compelling Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs an Application in 2023

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  • 09 Dec 2022
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It is plain and simple- you face difficulties in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones without an enterprise mobile application! No wonder mobile application development is one of the most prevalent phrases in the corporate world, and almost all entrepreneurs want to jump on the bandwagon.

In this article, we are going to explain the top reasons why the time is just right to integrate an enterprise application into your business system. But, before moving ahead, how about getting an idea of the mobile application development process?

What is Mobile Application Development?

It is a process to build a feature-rich application to pave the way for the digital transformation of your business using the mobile application development platform. Be it a startup or an established organisation, every company can leverage the benefits of enterprise mobile apps. Mobile application development services aim at increasing productivity while giving more control to customers and enhancing their experience.

You can select any of these options- native application development or cross-platform mobile application development. A native app works well on either Android or iOS, whereas, a cross-platform or hybrid application runs on all major platforms with ease.

Enterprises can streamline their workflows, simplify complex processes, and automate some tedious tasks with the help of a smart app. All you can get is a wider customer base and employees with more efficiency.

Interesting Stats

The popularity of enterprise mobile apps is increasing in line with their ever-increasing usage across the world. Here are the key statistics that show the growing importance of customised mobile applications in various industries.

  • 66% of companies plan to invest in enterprise app development in the coming years
  • Employees access 5.2 business apps on average every day
  • 87% of companies are dependent on their employees’ access to enterprise apps on their smartphones
  • 35% ROI is reported for the investment in enterprise mobile app development

You may ask the question, why do I need a mobile application for my business? Read on to get your answer!

Why Does Your Company Need a User-friendly Mobile Application in 2023?

Developing a feature-rich and future-ready enterprise app not only acts as a supplement to your business functions but also improves connectivity and communication. Both your customers and employees can stay connected as the enterprise mobile app acts as a bridge between them. Here are the key benefits that compel modern enterprises to build tailored applications.

1. Brings More Flexibility and Scalability

The integration of customized enterprise applications can bring more agility to your organization. It makes it possible for your company to respond to consumer expectations quickly and effectively. Also, employees can get used to these apps to streamline their workflows and daily activities. As a result, your organization becomes ready to grab new opportunities and you can easily scale it to ensure its growth over the period.

Apart from scalability, an enterprise application brings more flexibility to your business processes by bringing data or insights on a single, centralized platform. The management can make informed decisions with the help of a flawless application.

2. Automates Business Processes

Enterprise applications can automate business processes while bridging the gap between customers and companies. Enterprise apps play a crucial role in responding to customers’ queries promptly. These apps combine with customer relationship management (CRM) software and other business solutions to share and analyze the company’s data.

Based on data analysis and streamlined workflows you can drive your company toward digital transformation. Also, several repetitive and time-consuming processes can be automated with the help of a tailored enterprise application. What’s more, a user-friendly app can simplify various complex processes to increase visibility and transparency.

3. Improves Data Sharing and Management

As an emerging technology, cloud computing has taken the corporate world by storm in a short period. It enables enterprises to store and access corporate data on a 24*7 basis. The evolving cloud technology brings scalability, agility, reliability, and flexibility to enterprises. Here, a cloud-powered enterprise application works wonders.

Cloud-based applications offer easy access anytime and from anywhere to employees, customers, and stakeholders. These applications are designed to facilitate users to update, synchronize, and control documents using the cloud computing platform. In a way, companies can improve data management over the period.

4. Increases Efficiency and Productivity

It is difficult for enterprises to deal with a highly competitive business environment. Increased efficiency and productivity can help your company remain competitive amid increasing challenges. Enterprise mobile applications can play a vital role in achieving this objective.

Enterprise apps can optimize processes and increase the productivity of your workforce. What’s more, data-driven enterprise applications can unlock the potential of valuable corporate data in opening new business models.

5. Reduces Chances of Human Errors

Enterprise applications can simplify complex tasks and keep them easier for employees and customers alike. By bringing automation to several tasks, applications can significantly reduce the chances of human errors in mundane tasks.

It is observed that repetitive tasks on a daily or regular basis can divert the attention of employees which can increase the chances of errors going forward. As the enterprise app can handle such tasks effectively, employees can get rid of such tasks, focus on productive activities, and thereby stay away from possible errors.

6. Offers More Opportunities for Growth

A productive working environment and positive work culture are essential for ensuring the growth of any company across the globe. A bespoke business app enables you to sell products faster, retain more customers, and leverage technology trends. You can keep your business up-to-date and ready for grabbing new opportunities.s

An enterprise application can steadily expand a loyal customer base and assist you to stay ahead of the curve. In such a scenario, your company can remain in a position to get growth opportunities.

7. Acts as a One-stop Solution for Monitoring

One of the biggest benefits of an enterprise mobile app is it acts as a single point for remote monitoring and online marketing. It is a convenient way to monitor the activities of remote teams and gain access to technicians if any mishaps occur.

Also, real-time data sharing facilitates companies to get insights into customer behaviour and expectations. It further enables you to improve services with a personalized experience.

8. Enhances Customer Experiences

Mobile application development services are designed to satisfy the needs of end users. In other words, the application development solution is useful for resolving issues or problems of customers and employees. But, during the entire development process, all eyes remain on the user experience.

It is noteworthy that while developing an enterprise-grade application, the device, gadget or even platform is not much important. It is the performance and features of the application that mean a lot.

Simply put, your app should provide your customers with what they want and expect while simplifying their tasks. Such enhanced customer experience can translate into a bigger customer base and increase sales eventually.

9. Offers 24*7 Availability

Whether it is improving brand awareness or increasing the value of your business, a business app with all the necessary features and seamless functionality can act as an online representative of your company. It is available on a 24*7 basis on your customers’ smartphones.

A reputed development company can use a robust mobile app development platform to build a feature-rich app for your target audience. It is useful for resolving queries and receiving the customer’s feedback around the clock.

10. Empowers Field Workers and Remote Employees

Remote working has become a new norm in the post-pandemic age. Employees tend to work from multiple locations and need to reach out to customers anytime. But here is the catch! When these remote workers need assistance from technicians in real time it is always cumbersome.

If your employees seek technical support in the case of malfunctioning or equipment damage instantly, they may not be able to do so due to their remote locations.

All thanks to smart devices like tablets, smartphones, and wearables, remote workers can stay connected to their offices and contact technicians as and when necessary. Enterprise applications with advancements in AR and other emerging technologies can help them get real-time insights from technicians.

Wrapping Up

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that a user-friendly enterprise app plays a vital role in shaping the survivability of your company while making it ready for the future. Integration of a seamless application in your existing system not only drives your business toward growth but also improves customer experience and brings automation. You can get the benefits of digital transformation in core processes and increase productivity with the help of a bespoke mobile application for your enterprise.

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