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In a sector as hotly competitive as the automotive industry, your brand’s online presence needs to be just as quick and agile as your product. At ITCC, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this fast-moving sector. Our mission is to empower automotive companies to thrive in the digital era, with customised marketing strategies that overtake the competition and keep your business in the fast lane.

Automotive Market Overview

Automotive industry contribution to global GDP

Insights from Science Direct

Percentage of world trade in 2019 provided by automotive industry

Insights from Science Direct

Global automotive market rate of compound annual growth in 2022

According to McKinsey

Estimated revenue of global automotive market in 2022

Insights from Markets and Markets

Projected revenue figures of global automotive market by 2027

Insights from Markets and Markets

Projected revenue figures of global automotive market by 2027

According to Precedence Research

Automotive Sector Solutions

Automotive software development roadmap

We can join your software development process at any stage to help you build robust and competitive automotive solutions.

  • Analysing automotive business needs
  • Defining software requirements
  • Defining the project scope

  • Designing software architecture
  • Estimating time and budget
  • Selecting implementation technology and approach

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Feature engineering

  • Test automation
  • Functional and non-functional tests
  • Test reporting

  • Deployment automation
  • Data migration
  • Software integration

  • Software maintenance
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Functional upgrades

Salesforce is the world's leading CRM platform, adapted specifically to the needs of the automotive industry. Our approach involves a seamless integration of Salesforce's robust service features to the unique qualities of your business operations. Optimised sales processing, quicker response times for customer queries, and greater agility within the digital business landscape. Transform your automotive business, with a customised Salesforce solution that aligns perfectly with your unique operational requirements.

Build a tailored framework of business operations with Odoo’s comprehensive suite of management tools. With efficient implementation, customisation, and optimisation of Odoo modules to meet the diverse needs of your organisation, ITCC can bring the speed of your automotive business into high gear. From inventory management to HR functions, Odoo empowers your business service with a unified platform that drives seamless collaboration between aspects of your supply chain and customer service.

Enhance operational efficiency with Enate's innovative workflow orchestration platform. Our approach focuses on the integration of Enate into your automotive business processes by automating workflows and optimising task management. Leveraging the power of Enate, ITCC will bring your team together in a controlled, efficient workflow. Streamlining tasks and minimising operational bottlenecks, redesign your business structure for greater agility and customer responses.

Boost your online presence with Magento, a robust e-commerce platform specifically designed for the needs of the automotive industry. By crafting a series of visually striking, user-friendly online storefronts your business can seamlessly integrate with the powerful processing capabilities of Magneto’s e-commerce solutions. From open-channel product listings to secure online transactions, our workflow ensures your brand’s online platforms deliver a customer experience that ignites passion for your product.

Agility in technology, prowess in the digital marketing space. Whether it's Salesforce, Odoo, Enate, or Magento, we follow a principle of agility implementation that keeps your customer experience fast, iterative, and adaptable to changing needs. Allowing for continuous improvement, bring a faster speed of service and innovation to your automotive enterprise with ITCC’s software solutions.

Software Partners: Bringing Your Brand to Pole Position

Leverage the power of the world’s most powerful off-the-shelf software platforms, tailored to the bespoke needs of your automotive business. Gain pole position among your customer base and set a new record for quality assurance.

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