Is Your Small Business Ready for Digital Adaptation

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  • By admin
  • November 24, 2020
  • Digital Marketing

As lockdown restrictions ease across Australia, businesses of all types are preparing themselves to welcome increased retail footfall into the Summertime. It definitely appears that warmer weather and sunshine are not the only things that Australians have to look forward to, as we draw the year to a close. In Victoria, a new Small Business Digital Adaptation Program was recently launched to help small businesses gain access to useful tools and platforms that could help them offer customers the convenience of accessing their products and services using digital technology.

Whether you run a restaurant, pub, cafe, or retail operation, the good news is that you can most definitely tap on this grant to upgrade your existing operations. Ideas that you could consider include a website upgrade, and a customer membership rewards app. Interestingly, the small business digital adaptation program seeks to incentivise small business owners to develop their own means of contact tracing, as social restrictions ease within the state of Victoria. If you own a small business in Victoria, read on to see what you can do to claim this grant and improve your business' capabilities within the coming year.

How Can the Grant Help Me Build My Business?

Your business is considered eligible for the small business digital adaptation grant if you wish to claim a rebate from subscribing to any one of six digital platforms identified as part of this program. Namely, these digital platforms are:

  • Mr Yum,
  • Shopify,
  • Squarespace,
  • MYOB, and
  • Xero.

Our team at ITCC have helped plenty of businesses develop an e-commerce solution, using either Squarespace or Shopify. Similarly, ITCC has also helped a variety of organisations with automated payroll or integrating their payroll within existing customer relationship management software. And either of these project scenarios has featured MYOB or Xero as a component.

What Can My Business Do with These Platforms?

Process automation and contact tracing are the primary focus that the small business digital adaptation grant seeks to encourage among small businesses in Victoria. If you are curious to see how your business could improve itself with either a website or custom app, we would encourage you to look at the very basics of how your business is run, and identify how any of those processes can be carried out more easily. Take an online ordering function or an automatic payroll system for example. These are among the most common projects that our team has taken on at ITCC, and we can definitely help you develop a branded platform for your business, using any of the six digital platforms identified under the digital adaptation grant.

Develop a Long-term Solution to Help Your Business Grow

Be it a new website, an ordering app, or a customer rewards system, your next digital platform could be the first stepping stone towards long-term success for your company. Consider also that your customer-centric digital platform can also help to facilitate required contact tracing if you run a business that expects customer footfall within your premises. If the digital adaptation grant has inspired you with new ideas, consult with our experts at ITCC to see how we can bring your digital solutions to life. But remember: this grant will only be valid for 12 months, so act quickly and call us for an obligation-free consultation on 1300 770 119 right away.