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Being found on Google is about more than just having a good website. To be found on Google searches by potential customers, most business owners consider setting aside a monthly budget to be spent on a pay per click search campaign. This is a specialisation that a PPC Management Agency like ours can help you with. If you've been curious about exploring how a PPC Advertising campaign works, read on to see what we can do for you. A PPC Campaign runs carefully crafted advertisements online, so your potential customers are able to find your business during daily activities such as using a search engine. This helps businesses gain visibility among their audiences, through a search campaign that targets potential customers based on their use of search keywords for products or services related to your business. A quick consultation with our team can always help you understand the best processes in PPC Australian business owners can rely on for demonstrable results.

If you’ve been thinking about making your business easier to find on Google, our team at ITCC can help. We focus on helping you generate leads to your business, through pay per click campaigns that adjust accordingly to your need for sales and enquiries. Our team can provide PPC Services Australian business owners will find measurable results from. As a PPC Agency Melbourne, ITCC brings just the right combination of client experience and technical expertise to provide pay per click Australia services that simply bring more customers to your business. As certified professionals in our field, our team works to help you keep costs to a minimum while generating quality traffic to your website. Our cost per click strategies is doubled up with PPC management services in Melbourne which help you run a lean and highly efficient campaign. As a partnered Google Ads Agency, we are able to deploy our best understanding of your business search terms and use that understanding to maximise your audience reach.

Drive Conversions – Not Just Clicks

Get Results with the Right Campaign

While some business owners have considered running their search campaigns on their own, our services benefit clients with smarter PPC strategies that consider more than just website optimisation. The search campaigns we devise for our clients take competitor research into consideration, as well as a specific breakdown of their audience profiles so that their PPC strategies are laser specific and effective. We're an AdWords agency that focuses on delivering results and helping the profitability of your business. You want to get seen and known by your audiences, and that's why you need a PPC agency Australian business can trust.

When we say ‘smarter PPC’, we mean identifying what your competitors are doing to rank higher on Google searches. We do this while ensuring that you do not blow your budget by simply trying to outrank them with a higher ad spend. Not everyone has an unlimited amount to spend on monthly advertising, and we aim to maximise your investment through clever campaigns that outsmart what your competitors are doing. When it comes to Google Ads management, you'll want an AdWords management company that gets the job done, without confusing you with too many details. Our Google Ads management services mean that we bring you more leads, while you focus on running your business.

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Best Solutions For Your Business

PPC Campaign

To give you the best results, the team at ITCC will look at every facet of your...

Social Media Campaign

By joining hands with ITCC, you can partner with our creative team of social media...

Remarketing Campaign

More and more businesses are quickly realising how behavioural remarketing can give...

Digital Advertising

Crafting Full Service ROI-driven campaigns based on your business objectives

Top Positions Before Maps

Pay Per Click Management Service Australia

Every business wants to be on top. But we know there’s more than just one way to get your business noticed by customers on Google. Proper optimisation of your website helps your search engine marketing campaign gain the kind of visibility your business needs. We take the labour of identifying what needs to be done to optimise your site and campaign, so you can focus on running your business. Working with us as a search campaign partner means we bring you the leads, while you focus on attending to your customers’ needs.

We provide PPC Management service for Australian business owners that continue to depend on, for clear communication and effective results. Our PPC Management Services help you run specific campaign periods so you keep cost-effective promotion of your products and services. This is especially useful when it comes to running a targeted campaign during peak seasonal periods that you anticipate for your business. Trust that when it comes to AdWords PPC management, we bring expert PPC management Australian businesses to regard as being highly efficient.

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Convert Your Traffic Into Sales

Shopping Campaigns

Running an online store comes with its own set of unique challenges. When it comes to AdWords management Australian store owners want the best results at the most cost-efficient value. Instead of competing against other stores for a higher search position, how about finding a way to bring your products directly to your audiences? A shopping campaign can help your business do just that.

Our team at ITCC can help set these up for you so that your product catalogue finds another space to list online. Shopping campaigns allow searches for any relevant products by your audiences to feature your products along with search results. This means your customers won’t even have to visit your site before knowing of your brand, and what products you have in stock!

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Our PPC Process



PPC is a competitive market. For you to get ahead of the rest, you will need to develop the right strategies to conquer. Thorough research is required to come up with a powerful campaign for your business. Our PPC experts in Melbourne will learn about you as a business, your competition, and your audience, so we can devise the perfect keywords to get your content reaching the right audience. What you get, as a result, is a specifically targeted service that doesn't just apply the standard practice to your marketing efforts. What we can provide is a targeted campaign that is fitted exactly to meet the demands of your company.



Once our PPC specialists understand everything about your business, we’ll be able to craft engaging and captivating copy with your PPC keywords. Our developers then use our backend expertise to refine your website according to Google’s standards. Ours is a tried and tested approach that factors in what works best for your business. We always consider the variation in between your different PPC campaigns and are able to apply that live data to continuously improve the way your business reaches out to your customers.



Our consulting PPC services don’t stop once your website is optimised. Our PPC experts will keep an eye on the keywords and web page traffic to ensure your PPC strategy is achieving the results you want. Through comprehensive PPC reports, we’ll monitor your successes and adjust accordingly, so your content evolves along with the ever-changing nature of the internet. This continuous measurement of your PPC campaigns means that you'll also be able to benefit from data insights that surface as a result of understanding your search audiences.

Get Noticed – Get Attention

Display Campaigns

Develop greater brand awareness for your business with a display advertising campaign that enhances your brand visibility. These campaigns help your website retain prospective customers who have visited your website before.

Our team at ITCC can help you design your advertisements, and plan your campaign strategy so it reaches your audiences efficiently. Work with us, and we’ll help your display campaign find the sweet spot when it comes to a search advertising strategy that paves the way ahead for business growth.

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New Way to Promote Your Business

Video and App Campaigns

We know you want to stand out from the competition in your industry. Our team at ITCC is familiar with a wide variety of advertising formats and can ensure your business grabs audience attention by setting a lasting impression.

Not all businesses have considered videos as a way to impress their audiences. Likewise, app development also offers a novel way for businesses to stand out among generic searches by their potential customers. We can help you develop a search campaign that integrates videos and apps, so you immediately set your business apart from the rest.

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Why Choose ITCC?

To survive amongst diversified PPC companies in Melbourne, you need to have a knowledgeable and multi-disciplined team. The team that we have assembled for our PPC services has been built to reflect this very notion. We provide a full range of advanced & custom digital marketing strategies that are in trend and certainly boost your ROI. Our Pay Per Click service is tailored to ensure campaign objectives are well planned and duly achieved within the time frame. Feel free to discuss and customise your PPC plan with one of PPC Consultants today.

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