How to Make the Most of Google E-A-T for Search Engine Optimisation

How to Make the Most of Google E-A-T for Search Engine Optimisation
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  • 07 Nov 2022
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Google is mysterious especially when it comes to bringing tweaks in its ranking algorithm and resultant changes. Every update, major or minor, keeps SEO executives on their toes. Google E-A-T is one such concept that holds the key to getting a higher ranking for your website through high-quality content.

If you think of Lamingtons or Vegemite Toast after reading the acronym E-A-T, let me clarify that Google E-A-T SEO is about page quality and not food! Though this term is around us since 2015, it has come into the limelight after the arrival of the industry-changing update ‘the medic update’ in 2018.

It’s 2022, and the SEO world pays heed to E-A-T more than ever these days! You may wonder why suddenly this concept gains ground so quickly. Without further ado, let’s understand this concept and discuss its importance from the perspective of an SEO agency.

What is Google E-A-T?

E-A-T is one of the content-related guidelines from the search engine giant, Google. It is aimed at protecting readers from low-quality stuff by identifying valuable content. Google E-A-T first surfaced along with Beneficial Purpose and YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) in Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines back in 2015.


Search quality evaluators at Google consider three factors- Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness- as E-A-T. These factors are useful in conducting important searches and evaluating the websites with higher rankings on Google SERPs.

Here is more on what we mean by Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.


Being skilled in a specific domain is one thing and showing this expertise to increase traffic to your website is another thing. Therefore, it is better to ask questions like whether this content can meet the user’s needs effectively before publishing the content. Informative content written in a reader-friendly way can certainly generate interest and add value.


It all starts with positioning yourself as an expert in a particular field. Once your writeups get noticed by recognized experts and your peers use them as a high-quality source of information, you gradually become an authority. After all, what is better than a leader in your domain recommending your work on their website?


Trust can make or break an online reputation. Any negative reviews about a brand can damage its ranking. It is, therefore, imperative that we address negative reviews diligently and quickly. Google always considers too many bad reviews as a sign of poor quality stuff.

As per the E-A-T guideline, Google considers high-quality content that is

- Useful for visitors or users

- Repable and relevant

- Updated on a regular basis

- Posted on an authoritative website

- Written by a domain expert

Findings based on the Google E-A-T concept can show the path for engineers to improve the overall ranking algorithm. However, here we need to keep in mind that E-A-T itself is not a ranking algorithm.

You may raise the question- why should we give much importance to Google E-A-T then? Read on to get the answer.

Why is Google E-A-T Important for SEO Strategy?

The primary goal of Google is to provide us with detailed information in the form of high-quality content in which we can put trust. What’s more, Google informs users about the content that offers the most value to them. There, Google E-A-T guideline comes into the picture and becomes a pillar of your SEO strategy.

Content that focuses on health, news, finance, shopping, law, race issues, etc. is known as YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) content. E-A-T strategy plays a vital role in YMYL content and misinformation on any of the key topics can lead to a decrease in E-A-T ranking resulting in a damaged brand reputation.

Obviously, we don’t want that, right? So, including E-A-T in your web content is a solution you can opt for. Sounds interesting? Let’s dig in.

How Do We Improve SEO Strategy from Google E-A-T Perspective?

As a leading SEO service provider in Melbourne, we always strive to reflect Google E-A-T in our content. Here are five simple ways based on our experience and domain expertise that will help you ensure that your content is trustworthy because it is written skillfully and authentically.

Refreshing Content

Fresh, relevant, and compelling content can assist your website to achieve a high-quality ranking on search engines. You can review and refresh your content regularly to keep it up to date for your target audience.

Be Specific

While creating content around any YMYL topics, it is necessary to remain highly specific. Simply put, instead of beating around the bush, we should come up with focused content along with strong indexing. It is beneficial to stay on a particular topic to show your expertise effectively.

Create Right Backlinks

An effective SEO strategy involves creating backlinks from high-authority sites. Such backlinks can help your company establish credibility and demonstrate your expertise. On the other hand, low-quality links can lead your website toward downfall on SERPs. Unique and valuable content can assist companies to get high-quality links over the period.

Establish Brand Identity

These days, the SEO department needs to work on branding. A steady flow of unique and fresh content can create a strong brand identity with a trusted source of information. Informative content can effectively provide the audience with answers to their search queries.

Keep Purpose Clear

Content is king, agreed! But, what is the motive of your content? Whether it is informative, promotional, descriptive, or hybrid (informative and promotional), you need to make its objective clear with the help of titles and headings. Also, as per the E-A-T requirement, there is no point in producing long and irrelevant content.

Apart from these points, you can work on making your websites safe for visitors, highlighting authors with their real profiles, and using user-friendly designs to generate trust and authority.

Concluding Lines

Ignoring the Google E-A-T concept can lead to serious consequences for the search rankings of any website. It also leads to a damaged brand reputation and reduced online traffic. You can take the time or consult a reputed SEO agency to refresh your SEO strategy in line with E-A-T to get higher rankings and establish a leadership position in your industry.

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