Future Trends of Enterprise Software Development You Need to Know

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  • 16 Dec 2022
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Here is an interesting prediction- Over 500 million digital apps and services are expected to develop and deploy by the end of 2023. This number seems achievable as we look at the growing demand for enterprise software across the world.

In this post, we will explore what lies ahead in the future of enterprise software development. But, before moving ahead, how about digging deeper into the challenges of modern companies that custom software can handle?

Key Challenges that Enterprise Software can Handle

Companies, irrespective of their scales and industry sectors, face intense competition and multiple challenges. Here are some of these challenges that customised enterprise software can address effectively.


When the company expands its operations, managing the workflow and increased number of customers becomes increasingly difficult. Legacy applications and architecture can take their toll on performance. In such a scenario, tailored software can remain handy and companies can streamline their processes effectively.


Another major challenge is integrating discrete systems internally and externally. As tech-savvy customers demand the same experience across multiple platforms, it is inevitable for companies to make the data available to them. Here, business applications can improve collaboration across different departments while integrating business processes.


It includes speed, time-to-market, and reduced time in releasing solutions. Simply put, companies need to build and deploy the right solutions quickly to stay ahead of the curve. Enterprise software can ensure high agility and productivity for companies irrespective of their industry sectors.

Data Security

Rapid disruptive business models and globalisation are some of the vital factors for generating massive data every day. Companies need to protect confidential data while ensuring its seamless and swift sharing. Business software can serve this objective with additional safety features and functionality.

Work Culture

This is one of the biggest challenges for companies that want to integrate tailored software into their existing systems. Feature-rich enterprise applications bring automation and drive companies toward transforming core processes. In such a scenario, it is essential for the management to gain the trust of employees and stakeholders.

Here are some interesting statistics for enterprise software that indicate its potential.

Enterprise Software Facts

  • Spending on enterprise software will go around 675 billion USD in 2022
  • Global revenue for enterprise software will cross 273 billion USD in 2022
  • ERP software market is expected to reach $101.1 billion by 2025
  • Small and mid-sized enterprises are accounting for 8% growth in the enterprise software market globally

Scope and Future of Enterprise Software Development

The post-pandemic age has opened the doors to new possibilities. Remote working has become a new standard and companies tend to bring automation in all processes to remain competitive. Emerging trends like cloud computing, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence are all set to determine the future of enterprise software development.

The work-from-anywhere concept has become prevalent globally and it is here to stay. As per the Computer Weekly report, the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced office work by a whopping 74%. It is also predicted that companies are going to accommodate remote working systems by 46% as compared to the pre-pandemic age.

Another popular trend is of developing cross-platform applications for enterprises. Companies prefer such applications to save a lot of time and cost while getting an app that can seamlessly run across all major platforms and devices. The cross-platform app development domain is designed to build a business app using a single code base for working on multiple platforms.

Automation and data security are other major trends for enterprise app development. The future of software development will witness a rise in the ever-changing demands of cybersecurity. It is simply due to the growing cases of cyberattacks. Software developers and entrepreneurs can opt for advanced safety features to ensure high security against data breaches and hacking.

Top Business Benefits of Enterprise Software

Enterprise software has many benefits to offer your organisation. Here are some of the major benefits of customised software for your company.

Increased Flexibility and Productivity

Enterprise software can make daily tasks easier for employees and free up their time to focus on other core activities. Managers and employees can also get the advantage of automation for repetitive tasks through enterprise apps. For example, payroll processes and email sending can be automated using custom enterprise applications. Altogether, your company can get more flexibility in workflows and increase productivity with the help of tailored enterprise software.

Better Planning and Execution

Feature-rich enterprise software can enable your management to plan and track the performance of all teams. You can check the progress of your production team, monitor the situation of customer satisfaction, and track business expenses with the help of enterprise software. The entire activity is visible on an interactive dashboard and your managers and employees can easily get access to the real-time reports on the move. Also, an enterprise application development company can add security features to safeguard confidential corporate data.

Improved Data Sharing and Management

Be it an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or BI (Business Intelligence), all enterprise-level applications can increase interoperability across different departments. For example, the HR department can get the requirements from the production and sales departments for hiring new employees. As a robust and agile application, it saves the entire data in a single place and facilitates its sharing across all the departments as and when necessary. This advantage enables companies to get rid of data storage and processing.

More Security and Scalability

Enterprise software solutions are highly secure and scalable so that your company can easily manage activities during its growth. Most software development companies integrate additional security features like encryption and two-way authentication into the application. It can prevent your confidential data from going into the wrong hands. Also, your teams can share the data in a secure way using the enterprise application. As a result, your company can grow in size and scale without making you anxious about protecting the data.

Enhanced Compliance and Auditing

The software development process considers compliance and regulation-related requirements. Enterprise applications can keep records efficiently and assist companies to follow compliance. The inbuilt security system can reduce the risk of data theft or cyberattack. Also, the auditing feature is useful for fetching quarterly and annual financial reports for having a more clear picture.

Concluding Lines

Developing a custom mobile application has gained traction among entrepreneurs across the world. Whether you want to increase productivity or gain an edge over competitors, manage core business processes or bring automation to daily operations, a feature-rich enterprise app can work wonders. But then, you need to choose the right application development partner for your upcoming process.

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