We’re using mobiles more and desktops less – statistics and analysis

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  • May 22, 2015
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As the fallout and analysis from the first few weeks of Google’s big algorithm change continues, there has been further development into the steady increase in mobile use. It has been reported recently that mobile device users have, for the very first time, eclipsed those that use desktop computers to browse the internet. This is based on the amount of people that only use one, singular platform, and excludes those that use both from their numbers.

Having said that, however, it is further testament as to the increasing speed in which we are using mobile devices to connect to the internet, even for the most basic of searches or activities. This increase in mobile internet usage has become a powerful tool for marketers to quickly analyse and utilise, and poses many fantastic opportunities for specifically targeted marketing in the future.

Analysing the stats

In a general study taken in 2014, 19.1% of those using the internet, did so solely on a desktop computer – still a large chunk of the total amount of those using the internet altogether. At the same time, those who only ever used a mobile device to search on the internet was only 10.8%, reflecting a slow but steady rise in this demographic. Fast forward twelve months later, however, and the changed numbers are quite staggering.

The recent report from ComScore, showed now that single platform desktop users only accounted for 10.6% of the total population of adult internet users, a remarkable decrease of 8.5% in only one year! Conversely, mobile only users, interestingly, still only accounted for 11.3% of the total market of internet users, a minimal increase of only half a percentage point.

What do they tell us?

The stats indicate that, rather than everyone jumping on the mobile only bandwagon, people are making the switch to using both in tandem, rather than only using their desktops. This is also evident of a significant change in the psyche of how we use each device, with desktops seemingly becoming solely tools for work, and mobiles for recreation. It’s also indicative of the increasing need for information on the go, due in part to the speed in which we now lead our daily lives.

The stats also indicate exactly why Google’s algorithm change occurred in the first place. With more and more people using both smartphone/tablet and desktop computers in tandem, it was important to treat each platform differently from the other. This was done to not only maximise convenience, but also to allow for mobile searchers to utilise the unique strengths and benefits of their mobile device.

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