Mobile apps and marketing – how one begets the other

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  • By Admin
  • September 13, 2016
  • Apps Development

Marketing your business effectively is no easy thing to do. It requires dedicated research, on point analysis, and nothing less than critical execution of the sum of its parts.

Which is why you may be surprised to hear that there is a really amazing shortcut to get your name out there for all the world to see. It’s something that we covered recently, too; the humble mobile app.

Mobile apps have proven to be a failsafe marketing strategy, and one that you barely have to revisit over and over again after launch. Think of the huge press that Nintendo received from the Pokémon Go app, and the stock bump that followed, despite the fact that the Japanese company actually had nothing to do with the creation of the app itself.

In this article, we’re going to go through the reasons why mobile apps created for businesses provide such a huge number of marketing advantages. We’ll be looking at both small-to-medium business and service sector scenarios, as well as tips along the way on how you can capitalise on this lucrative link between apps and marketing value.

But first, what mobile app do you need to have?

As we mentioned in our last article on mobile apps, they can literally be anything that fills a vital service that your business provides. These can be as elaborate as a curriculum and course guide for an educational facility, or as simple as a booking and menu app for a restaurant. Every sector and industry has a service that can be enhanced through the use of increased interactivity.

The mobile app is done, so how does it work?

Your potential customers enjoy this era of enhanced interactivity and convenience, and so should you. It is because of this that the mobile app flourishes. An app that works, is well designed, and provides an essential service flawlessly, will win over hearts and minds. This brings in the customers, so too does it create free promotion for you.

Aspects such as reviews – which often detail the entire experience from booking to getting the bill – and even old fashioned word-of-mouth, all come naturally and instantly off the backing of a powerful mobile app. Affinity with the app is also a great way to maximise the potential of the app marketing itself. If people are attached to your app as a vital tool, chances are they likewise feel the same way about your business.

Apps also have the potential to become a brand in their own right, and some of the most successful mobile apps of all time stand strongly alone from their business or creator. This is akin to creating a second face of your business, one that extols the same virtues of your brand, but one that can also reach out to additional target markets and demographics.

Such is the marketing power of the mobile app.

Want to harness it for yourself? Our mobile app developers have made creating the perfect business app a fine art. We can do the same for you too, incorporating fluid design and your brand’s imagery into a flawless interface, along with an app that provides a vital service like never before.

Get in touch, and ask us how a business app made by our developers can broaden your marketing horizons.