ITCC’s clients break their silence

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  • October 7, 2014
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ITCC has worked with some fantastic clients from numerous fields, in order to assist them in creating web pages, redesigning their websites, and improving their on page optimisation.

Don’t believe us?

If you’re unsure about whether ITCC may have what it takes to improve your website in reaching its target audience, then have a read of what our clients have had to say. Our clients have been very impressed by our amazing SEO services, and were more than happy to talk about how ITCC has assisted them in enhancing their websites.



Briggins offers mobile services in creating men’s suits all around Australia. ITCC worked effectively with Briggins in order to assist them with enhancing their website.

“Basically we had headaches trying to understand Google, SEO and marketing,” says one of the Managing Directors at Briggins Matthew Higgins. “We’re great at selling suits, but we’re not IT nerds, if you know what I mean.”

Luckily for Briggins, ITCC has a passion for IT, and was just the IT nerd that they were looking for.

“I think the first thing is that they’re honest businessmen. Letting you know that the campaign is gonna take at least 90 days to turn around and I’d swear, to that day, the phones started ringing, enquiries coming through.”

But this was not all that ITCC was able to do for Briggins.

“I think the other aspect that these guys provide is that they sat down with us with a weekly marketing meeting for the first 6 weeks to ensure that our website was doing the things that it needed to do to get the best out of the SEO.”

And just what did this mean for Briggins?

“Basically it’s meant that we’ve had to put more staff on and it’s grown our business probably 50 per cent in the last 6 months since we’ve been working with these guys so it’s been a fantastic result.”

Miguel Meirelles Antiques


Miguel Meirelles Antiques is a store that sells French antique furniture. Owner and Manager of the store Miguel Meirelles was looking for an SEO company that would help him out.
“SEO is fundamental to having a successful website,” he says. “I have previously worked with other SEO companies and was unhappy with the result, and I’m very happy for the last year and a half since I’ve started working with ITCC.

“I’ll give you one example. I specialise in French antiques and therefore that is gotta be one of my key search words.If you were to google ‘french antiques in Australia’, I’m number one.”

Mr Meirelles has been very happy by our affordable services, as he is now “getting at least twice the value” out of it, compared to other companies.

“I found ITCC refreshingly straightforward, easy to work with and very honest. And they certainly deliver the results.”

JLT Renovations

ITCC went the extra mile in helping this flourishing kitchen and bathroom renovation enterprise.

“ITCC has been fantastic with the social media content of things,” says JLT Renovations Director Sarah Kincade. “Initially, on Facebook, I had 23 people that were friends and family on our Facebook page. Since we’ve joined up with ITCC, we’ve increased it to just over 200. We’re running a promotion on there which they’re managing for us. We’re very happy with how that’s been viewed. There’s been over 4000 views of that, so the word’s definitely getting out there through social media.”

Since the making of this video, JLT Renovations has had over 500 likes of their Facebook page,and their promotion at the time had reached over 6000 people.

“I’d recommend ITCC,” says Lionel Reed. “We’re not all that tech-savvy. The guys from ITCC have guided us through this.”

“They’ve been great, very understanding guys, easy to work with, very contactable as well,” says Ms Kincade.

“They’ve gone the extra yard is what they’ve done,” says Mr Reed.

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