Is your business SaaSy? If not, here’s why you’re missing out

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  • October 16, 2015
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No, we’re not talking about decking out the office in bright, vibrant colours. We are infact talking about Software as a Service – the centralised housing of applications, tailored to driving up productivity and growth. Many businesses have adopted SaaS technology, in recent years, and will grow to chew up 16.6% of the market share by 2018.

What is underpinning this incredible demand and growth for SaaS is the incredible benefits that they provide to a wide range of businesses. Instant software updates, streamlined working processes, and the “drag-and-drop” accessibility that comes with many SaaS systems is far too good for many to look past.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at what makes SaaS tick, how effective these systems are, and how they can benefit every business in any industry. For those who read our blog article about cloud computing and the future of it, many of these themes and terms will be familiar. For those that didn’t, this article will hopefully illustrate the link between accessibility and production & innovation.

So what is SaaS, and why is it so popular?

Software as a Service, despite its recent, burgeoning popularity, has been with us since the 1960’s, thanks to companies such as IBM. The creation of a simple interface, where everything was housed remotely, allowing for seamless communication, helped spur on the wave of technological innovation that we see now. It wasn’t until the advent of smart mobile devices, however, that we started seeing SaaS more in the public.

Modern SaaS has been built to keep in step with the rise and rise of the mobile revolution. Allowing teams within companies to communicate all over the world in real time is perhaps SaaS’ great trait. However, the power these systems yield to businesses and organisations has also created applications that you wouldn’t have thought would be part and parcel of a project such as this.

The most important function of SaaS, however, is its incredible ease of use. Businesses that have some form of SaaS enjoy easy updates, an absence of physical software issues, and a high degree of reliability in their work processes. As cloud providers improve their security to keep up with the times, this accessibility and reliability will only go one way: Up!

Why is SaaS such a sought after item?

Keeping your customers up to date about their shipping orders; monitoring projects more closely; developing and evaluating ideas in real time. These are just a few of the tasks that a SaaS management system can do effortlessly. In a world where a positive connection between consumer and product has never been so important, SaaS – right from the outset – seems to do the job nicely.

SaaS is also an incredibly cost-effective alternative to more complex and expensive software installations. The resources invested into SaaS are effectively “pay-as-you-go”, allowing for quick growth of the system if needed. Conversely, on-premise software installations can often be required on a regular basis, just to keep up with standard growth, and can be hugely expensive, due to you paying by the unit.

Okay, sounds good, but I’m not sure whether it’s compatible with my business

The pivotal benefit of SaaS is that it begins its life as a blank canvas. You choose what applications you want – either individually or as part of a package in most cases – and let the system do the rest. For factories, this may be utilising stock management apps or enquiries more closely. Whereas for those in the commerce sector, apps that track output and real time revenue will be most beneficial.

No matter what industry you reside in, there will undoubtedly be a SaaS based app that will help you maximise your productivity and returns. In line with the growth of SaaS, there is also high demand for customised plug-ins, relating specifically to the business model. All of these presented opportunities are designed to give you greater flexibility in your business model, and there’s a SaaS out there for each and every type of industry.

We can help create a SaaS solution, just for you

Drawing from our vast experience in designing a variety of SaaS solutions for a wide variety of industries, ITCC is here to help you. We know what makes a good SaaS platform tick, and we can develop one for you which will offer you the full gamut of the amazing benefits that a platform such as this can provide.

Have you ever used a SaaS platform before? How did you find it? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below.