SaaS on the rise: The one-size-fits-all platform that everyone wants

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  • August 17, 2016
  • Software

Last year, we wrote an article on software as a service (SaaS) and the benefits that such a powerful cloud computing platform can provide. Fast forward to this year, and it seems that many businesses around the world realised this for themselves. The SaaS market is expected to hit USD $204 billion by the end of this year, growing almost 38.4% above last year’s comparable statistics.

Good news for businesses that design and provide SaaS, such as us, but what does it mean for other businesses, namely yours?

This incredible amount of growth directly translates into new improvements into how we use cloud computing software. Everything from streamlined working processes, to enhanced and ingenious ways to manage and monitor stock and inventory, practically any part of the working routine – your working routine – can be minutely controlled down to every intricate detail.

SaaS has an even greater benefit too, and one that directly ties in your most important lifeblood – your clients/customers – to that of your business as a whole. In this article, we’re going to be talking you through exactly how this works, how it’s of mutual benefit to your business and your loyal fanbase, and how it’s not too hard to get in on the action either.

So, what was that again about customers?

SaaS platforms are unique in that they present an all encompassing alternative to conventional tasks. Much of this owes to the fact that SaaS is still relatively new to the business lexicon – we all like new things, after all. However, one cannot underestimate the enhanced power and efficiency that comes with having all of your business’ important data and executables at your fingertips in one, singular platform.

Imagine a world where you can check on the quantity of your particular stock, the particular warehouse that it is located at, its estimated shipping time, and whether it is available to that customer’s area, all within seconds and at that same point. This added level of convenience, flexibility, and completeness in tasks will only ever bode well to any prospective or existing client/customer, whilst also making your working life just that little bit easier.

The example that we gave above can be pidgeon holed into the retail industry, but it is true that SaaS benefits practically any sector that you can think of. Accounting firms have made good use of being able to crunch numbers more quickly and accurately for their portfolio, whilst service based businesses can easily track the progress of projects, right down to the exact department dealing with that particular process at that point in time.

What these can offer your customers is a belief in the working process of your business. In an online world where trust and integrity are greater selling points than the biggest and glossiest billboard will ever be, added convenience and information on request will put you in good stead with any client base. These added touches of convenience do get around via word of mouth, and there are many success stories of businesses who have gained greatly from this method.

Sounds great, but is my particular business and industry SaaS orientated? (H2)

As we mentioned before, SaaS transcends all sectors of the business market. Any company, either large or small, that has a team to manage, a project to develop, stock to move, or accounts to process, will benefit greatly from a SaaS platform. Best of all, SaaS is designed around the particular needs of that business, meaning not one SaaS platform is like another.

This idea of tailored and streamlined working processes is a boon to any business and industry. Software that is your own is also a safeguard against security and cyber attack concerns, something that we have covered quite a lot recently, on top of offering a personalised approach to operating your business effectively.

SaaS sounds impressive, but also hard to obtain

Not quite. The technology behind SaaS platforms is relatively simple in comparison to other application based software platforms, and can be done on a relatively minimal cost and time effective basis. With a competent team of developers too, your SaaS platform can cater for every conceivable aspect of your business’ routine.

ITCC possess such a team, and have been a huge advocate of SaaS platform technology, and have provided many of our clients with such a platform. We can do the same for you, too, purely tailored to both the ins and outs of your business’ output and development processes.

Why not get in touch with us today to find out how a SaaS platform can directly enhance your business’ output, productivity, and bottom line? We’ll be more than happy to help.