Click-baiting on Facebook to stop

  • By Admin
  • September 1, 2014
  • Social Media Marketing

Facebook announced last week that the number of click-baiting headlines used by publishers is to be reduced, in an effort to address the common complaint that people are getting too much spam in their News Feed. It also intends to encourage publishers to use links without photos if the link is shared.

‘Click-baiting’ refers to clicking on a link that contains very minimal information about its content.Although a very popular form of post on a person’s News Feed, it prevents people from seeing the content they want.


In addition to this, Facebook conducted a survey where it found that headlines were actually a necessary component to the determination as to whether people would click on them to peruse their content.

In order to tackle this issue, Facebook will monitor the length of time it takes for an article to be read by a person. If a person is not interested in what they are reading, then the person will instantly return to Facebook.

In addition to this, if they rarely share or comment on the link, then, again, people were not interested in what they were reading, regardless of how many times the link was clicked.

As a result, these links are likely to be affected, and distribution is likely to decrease. This information could prove to be very valuable for corporations who are trying to reach out to customers on Facebook.

According to Facebook, the link format was also the preferred choice for people, instead of those with photo captions. This appears to be because the link contains additional information that is linked to its content. They also appear to be getting twice as many clicks than those with photo captions. As a result, Facebook plans to place greater importance on showing this type of link.