Video marketing: Targeting a website amongst a sea of websites

  • By admin
  • October 13, 2014
  • Digital Marketing

Videos can say a lot of things a lot better than any content in writing. It has a different way of saying things, and is its own method of communication. With so many people becoming more and more put off by written content, why not use video marketing to change their minds about coming back to your website?

You will be surprised by how much Google actually likes videos. It acts as though it actually wants you to incorporate videos, by the way it treats them in such high regard. It is as though it has a place for them in its ‘Good children’ pile, and therefore, it is rewarding those who utilise videos.

It does not even have to be a video that goes on and on for hours on end. Indeed, these videos may not even be so popular. Rather, people appear to like short videos. They also appear to want you to have them, so that they can keep coming back to your website.


Your online traffic may even explode through the roof if you use video marketing – it is that incredibly marvellous! In fact, even if your website is currently lost amongst the sea of a whole heap of other websites, your website may suddenly turn up across people’s search engine pages with the use of video marketing.


ITCC even uses video marketing for its own website. We have fantastic videos of our client’s testimonials, who have happily used our services. To get more of an idea about how video marketing can work for you, you can watch some of our videos here. And do we really need to tell you that the SEO of our website is already so incredibly high?

So if ITCC uses video marketing for its own website, why would you not appoint a company who not only sells a product, but believes in what it is selling?