The wonderful world of infographics

  • By admin
  • March 19, 2015
  • Web Design

Web based content is increasing quickly each day. On the main social media platforms alone, users create over 4.75 billion pieces of unique and original content per day! Getting your head around that much information is perhaps the toughest task of all, and as a result, our brain tells us to only look for the most worthy of that content to soak in. For content marketers, making your work stand out amongst the sea of information is key.

So how do content marketers go about achieving this goal? Considering that 90% of the input into our brains is purely visual, creative and informative imagery, is perhaps the most useful tool to ensuring that your content is read and your message understood! These images are called infographics, and in the last four years alone, Google searches relating to infographics has gone up by over a staggering 100%!

Infographics can be colourful and visually attractive, helping to instantly grab our attention, but what makes them great is the information that you can include in these images. Infographics can be straightforward flow charts, or can incorporate graphs of all descriptions. The opportunities that infographics present to us to explain information further and in more detail is simply fantastic, and sets apart great content from just good content.

Infographics work best when they’re relating to specific sections of your written content. They can either summarise points into easily digestible chunks, or provide statistics that will emphasise the point that you’re trying to make. By placing infographics alongside the vital points of your content piece, the reader will be more engaged, and come away from your article more informed.

A clever use of different design styles or imagery in your infographics, are also a great way to liven up the conservation. Long bodies of text, despite how much information they provide, can seem monotonous, and the human brain will have the urge to scroll down to the end to get to the conclusion quicker. Breaking your text up with colourful and stylish infographics are a great way to keep your reader engaged, ensuring that they do not miss any important points of your content.

Perhaps the most important aspect of infographics is its contribution to increasing the memory factor of your article. Viewers of your content, even if they liked the article, will resonate more with it and be more likely to pass it along to friends or family. A funny, colourful or eye catching infographic, will be more memorable than lines and lines of endless text with no infographics.

At ITCC, we love infographics, and understand just how important they are for increasing your brand awareness, and explaining your services or ideas thoroughly and in a presentable manner. To find out more about the power of visual and interactive imagery, you can visit our brand new ITCC Design website. Explaining in depth what ITCC can do for your business or brand, it will also have weekly articles focusing on the best new design trends and ideas available!

Our team of expert image producers can create bright and vibrant infographics for your business, that will do all of the above and much more! You can also call us today on 1300 770 119 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation, and let us show you how we can transform your idea into a reality.

What are your thoughts about the visual power of infographics and how they can benefit you? Let us know in the comments section below!