The phantom update: Just what exactly is it?

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  • June 5, 2015
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Hot on the heels of what was dubbed the #mobilegeddon update, Google unleashed another algorithm change which hit the internet world at the end of last month. Whilst there was no noticeable impact at the time – continuing Google’s recent slow-phasing of algorithm updates – there has recently been wide coverage of the update, as many webmasters were either pleasantly surprised at a rankings rise, or distraught at a dramatic slide.

Google has been particularly shy on details regarding this latest update, which had SEO experts the world over scrambling to find a root cause. At first it was thought to be a secretive update to the infamous Panda algorithm – which specifically looks at the quality of the page – until the Silicon Valley giant flat out denied this was the case. Whilst the changes in the rankings did identify that quality was the focus of the update, the fact that it was not Panda orientated was a mystery for all concerned.

Taking Panda into consideration, this latest update, known as the phantom update, seems to be a refinement of the quality testing parameters. In essence, it is Google attempting to perfect its scrutiny on what is deemed a website of high standards, and what would constitute as a poor site.


Whilst the former is lacking from the cause-and-effect principle of this update, there are some simple things that you can do to ensure that this update passes you by. Many of these recommendations are a direct repetition of what was suggested after Panda was introduced to the world wide web in 2011, given the similarities between the repercussions and the sites targeted between both. You can protect and enhance your own website by:

  • Ensuring that your quality is of a high standard – Whilst this has been a particular cry for a few years in the webmaster world, there are still a few pages suffering from poorly written articles
  • Refining the interface of your website – This has been a particular point of focus in recent years, where sites that are muddled and hard to navigate around, being pushed down the pages. Ensure that your page is easy to use, and doesn’t send your viewers into a black hole
  • Removing duplicate content – We wrote an article recently about the perils of the deliberate duplication of content. Google understands that sometimes it is unavoidable, but it still will not hurt to check over your articles, ensuring that no one page is like another

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What do you think about the latest update – was it far too soon after #mobilegeddon, or a necessary requirement? Why not leave us a post below with your thoughts and opinions?