The fallout from #mobilegeddon – An analysis

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  • By admin
  • May 8, 2015
  • SEO Services, Web Design

Have you noticed anything different in the last 2 weeks whilst searching for something on your smartphone’s browser? In case you missed it, Google finally implemented their long anticipated algorithm change regarding mobile searches. We have been covering the build-up to the 21st of April algorithm change extensively in recent weeks, and with the passing of D-Day, its now time to analyse what effects – if any – were felt in the internet sphere.

Before that, however, let’s briefly recap exactly what had transpired up until the 21st. Google had announced that they were to punish those who had not implemented a mobile friendly version of their websites. This was a particularly huge announcement, given some of the well known names and brands that were to be attacked, such as David Beckham, E! Entertainment, and over 40% of the Fortune 500 list of big, multinational companies.

Moz were one of the first to list data on the changes for mobile search results, and although there was a noticeable increase in SERP’s activity when compared to an average day, the slides and gains weren’t as predicted. However, it was also noted that there was a significant increase in pages deemed to be mobile friendly, with this increase continuing as we speak. It’s also projected to increase even further too, as more websites understand the implications of not having a responsive website design.

Comparing the 21st to a week prior, there was an increase of up to 5% of sites that were deemed mobile responsive, and an increase of around 11% from the two weeks before that date. This number suggests that, despite there being a lack of colossal disruption to the daily SERP activity as predicted, Google did eventually scare enough webmasters into getting what they wanted all along – an embracing of the mobile and its importance.

This bodes well for Google’s overall aim to enforce those who were still refusing to acknowledge mobiles as a valuable source of enquiries to get with the times. It also now opens up a realm of possibilities for internet marketing and advertising, as a more streamlined, mobile friendly internet offers quicker enquiries and more conversion potential.

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Got any further questions regarding any of the above, or do you have a tale on how you survived the 21st?