The awesome power of social media

  • By admin
  • February 9, 2015
  • Social Media Marketing

Here in Australia, social media has been a mainstream headline in the past week, credited with changing public opinion regarding recent topics and government policies. Whether you currently use it all the time or couldn’t tell the difference between a “circle” or a “tweet”, there is no argument for the incredible opportunity it presents to get your voice heard amongst a large audience.

The reason for this is quite simple. As our world speeds up, so too does the demand for quick reading and easily digestible content. Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus have now surpassed “old media” as the go-to destination for important news updates. It has also taken over as a prime tool to advertise your brand, once the domain of print media.

Bearing this in mind, it’s now very important to keep up to date with the constantly evolving strategies and movements of the social media platform. At ITCC, we’ve come up with ways to best utilise each of the more popular social media platforms. As specialists in the field of precise and effective social media analysis and marketing, we can offer you or your business a chance to be the main focus on this grand stage.



Facebook has been the premier platform to advertise your products or opinions for a long time now. With a unique interface that ensures all important information is easily accessible, Facebook offers you a prime stage with which to express yourself. And with more than half of Australians logging onto Facebook each day, that’s quite a lot of traffic that can be potentially exposed to your content.

Your Facebook page should be a more compact version of your website, providing information on your recent updates, and referencing back to the product or service you’re providing. Facebook also allows you to use visual cues in your posts, as this helps to garner interest and draw attention to any particular post.

Facebook also provides an easy way to search for a particular product or service. Because of this, it provides a unique way to keep your target audience in the loop. Through the mutual friends/likes section, you can accommodate some of your associated companies or clients to your brand name. This helps in advertising for both you and your clients, and also creates a platform for testimonials promoting your previous content.



Twitter’s famous 140 character limit has helped to redefine what we consider a news flash to be. Twitter posts are most effective when they’re written in the same vein as a headline: short, sharp, and to the point. Twitter posts are also easily linkable to content for further reading, essentially acting as a funnel for visitors to your website.

The best part of Twitter, however, is the ultimate potential of the effective use of both sharing and hashtags. Precise use of both tools can lead to one post being viewed by literally thousands of people. And if the content provided is of good quality, then the sharing value will increase, providing you with a potentially huge target audience.

A well thought out hashtag is similar to a keyword. It should be something that people are looking for, or have an interest in. It’s also important to be topical and relevant, a tough ask when you take into account that there are over 8,000 tweets per second. Well constructed hashtags should aim to garner interest, and increase the sharing potential of your tweet.

Google Plus


Blending the easy to read layout of Facebook with bite sized chunks of information, Google Plus is a robust device that ties in with every other Google service. Your Google Plus page can seamlessly link to your Youtube account, and provide accurate directions to your business through Google Maps.

More importantly, however, is the strong link it has to Google’s search engine function. Not many people are aware of this, but Google Plus profiles tie in perfectly with page rankings, essentially doing vital SEO work for you (albeit only on your Google Plus page). This means that quality Google Plus updates will garner more followers, and in turn will get you noticed quicker and easier through Google itself.

Here at ITCC, we know each main social media platform back to front, and are more than happy to share our vast knowledge and experience in dealing with social media with you. We can coordinate effective social media campaigns, that will get people talking about both your company name and what your company offers. Contact us today and see the raw power that social media can wield for your business.