SEO Focus: Insight into our approach and processes

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  • July 29, 2015
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If you’ve picked up The Indian Sun at some point this month, you will have noticed that we were featured in a story about brand marketing. The story revolved around one of our long term clients – AA Business Brokers – and briefly touched on how we opened up new markets and a wider audience through a tailored SEO process.

Today, we’re going to dive further into how we helped the company, providing you with valuable insight into our take on the SEO world. We hope that, for both small and medium sized businesses, you will come away from this article with an idea of our approaches and how we formulate our strategies.

An introduction

AA Business Brokers are a specialist individual business and franchise brokerage firm based in Melbourne. The company had invested in SEO strategies before with other SEO providers, and were left underwhelmed with the results that they were seeing. Wanting to court more share of the business sales market, their search for another solution brought them to us: ITCC.

Their goal was relatively straight forward: To dominate the market in Victoria, and increase the awareness of the company itself through the world wide web. Upon listening to their concerns and their desired outcomes and goals, our team of strategists set to work to come up with a cover-all SEO solution. We proposed a lot of SEO strategies and factors, all engineered to work together to deliver the goals identified.

Our solution

Our strategists were able to identify a few key areas to focus on all over the client’s website. These areas ranged from aspects which were as simple as their page layout, all the way to the design of more complex management systems and entry forms. These areas included, but were in no way limited to:

  • Improving the user experience of the website.
  • Achieving a high ranking for all of their main keywords.
  • A user friendly, all encompassing data entry and tracking system.

Below, we’ve gone into more detail about what exactly we worked on in each of these three targeted areas of their website.This approach was unique in its nature, as we believe that an approach of this kind provides greater results. All of our SEO strategies are built in the same way, and it allows us to have greater control over the outcomes from our processes.

User experience

As we have covered recently over on our web design blog, the user’s experience of your website, whilst not a ranking factor, is an easy way to increase traffic to your site. We went in and tidied up all of their internal links, whilst also placing them where they would be more beneficial. We also made the key functions of the website – to buy or sell a business – easy to locate and click upon.

Keyword ranking

Perhaps the most in depth part of our strategy was ranking for their main keywords. Our keyword approach was to avoid stuffing at all costs, whilst setting about using synonyms and important short-tail queries. We also set about achieving a number one ranking for secondary keyword strings, helping the client achieve more traffic through the SERP’s.

Data entry and management system

ITCC was able to set up an internal system for our client, which acted as a more in depth client portal for all of their customers. This allowed listed businesses to update their details much easier, and provide more information when required. This system also allowed our client to easily track the progress of any listing through real time stats.

What were the results?

After the strategies were put into place, our client experienced huge benefits from what we were able to do for them. As a result of our tailored approach, they now enjoy:

  • Over 7,000 unique visitors per month through organic searches.
  • The number one ranking for all of their main keywords.
  • Garner around 8 unique enquiries per day through their website.

Since then, we have assisted them with solving both major and minor problems, as well as adapting and evolving our original strategy with them. This has allowed our client’s website to stay one step ahead of both their competition, as well as the ever changing nature of the internet. Another flow on effect from our strategies is that the client now enjoys a 10% increase in their overall enquiries, pointing to the greater awareness of their firm.

We can do the same for your business too. Call our digital strategists today, and ask them what they can do to enhance the broader awareness of your brand, as well as increased traffic and website enquiries.