Securing Your Website: 5 Things You Need To Know About SSL Certification

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  • By Admin
  • September 22, 2017
  • Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO

Security is a major problem online. With so many ways to hack into websites, Google has come up with a solution that helps online users identify unsafe sites. From October 2017 all websites need to have SSL certification in order to be viewed as a safe web page. Here are 4 important points you need to know about SSL and how it integrates with your business.

What is SSL?

An SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a global standard security technology that enables safe and secure communication between a web browser and a web server. The SSL certificate authenticates your identity so visitors know they can trust your site.

How Will SSL Certification Affect My Website?

Having SSL certification is more than just building user confidence in your site. If you don’t have your site secured by October visitors will instantly be warned. When a visitor tries to access an insecure website, a message screen will inform them that it’s unsafe to continue.

Instead of being able to instantly see your website, every visitor will be halted and potentially put off from accessing your website. The lack of SSL certification would decrease your foot traffic.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting My Site SSL Approved?

There’s more than one way SSL certification will impact your website reach. All secure sites will also get better search rankings. Google will be boosting all SSL certified sites in their search engine.

SSL certification also dramatically improves your website’s security. For example, ITCC’s SSL certificate uses strong encryption such as SHA-2 and 2048-bit to prevent hackers from getting into your website. SHA-2 and 2047-bit encryption are the strongest available in the market.

How Do I Know If My Website Is Secure?

Secure Socket Layer isn’t new. It has been around for years. And yet, a majority of websites are still unsecured. To check if your website is safe for your visitors to access check the link. In the address bar, it should have ‘https://’ as part of the URL. A ‘http://’ link is not secure.

How Long Is An SSL Certificate Valid For?

A standard SSL certificate lasts for a year. However, you can purchase the digital certificate one a 2 or 3-year basis. A lot of companies offer yearly subscription-style SSL certifications so your website is continuously renewed.

Don’t get left behind. Have your website secured today. ITCC offers SSL certification to protect your website, maximise foot traffic and boost your search rankings. Talk to one of our consultants today to get your site SSL approved.