Remarketing In The New Age: How You Can Take Advantage Of User-Controlled Digital Advertising

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  • By Admin
  • June 28, 2018
  • Digital Marketing

Google continues to put its users first and has given your online visitors to choose whether they want to see or mute your banner ads.

In the latest update, the search engine behemoth has given online users a new Ads setting option to personalise the kind of ads they see.

The potential loss of the masses viewing ads can seem like a big hit towards digital marketing efforts, however, this limitation is actually a great opportunity for everyone in the online sphere to push forward with quality tailored ads.

Google’s always been an advocate for dynamic remarketing, where they show ads that suit your site visitors online habits. The only difference now is that the user has control on whether they want to see the relevant ads or not.

While the update can send alarm bells, it’s not a massive loss to any marketing campaign. Tailored digital marketing, whether it’s through remarketing or social media, has always had the upper hand over mass reach-focused strategies.

The true key to any digital advertising is quality over quantity. Reaching out to the masses won’t mean anything if none of them actually take the leap and go through your website to book your service or buy your product. Awareness and exposure may help keep your brand on customers’ minds, but there’s a massive difference between thinking and doing.

With everyone being online it’s also extremely easy to get lost in the plethora of ads. Before this update, the only way to truly stand out is by unique and engaging content. At first, it began with grabbing graphics and witty call to actions. But now businesses are moving with the times and including video banners in their remarketing content.

Either way, getting through to online visitors has always come down to content that suits a visitor’s tastes and needs. You can see this across all successful digital marketing strategies:

But sometimes, despite all the hard work put into developing a unique content strategy, the problem of a low performing campaign could be contributed to the lack of viewership control. Online habits are constantly changing and people’s perceptions on banner ads aren’t always positive. Now that people get to choose whether they want to see banner ads, you’ll be able to reach the right market of people who will take action on the content you create for them.

At the end of the day, it’s a smart move on Google’s end to let their users decide what to see in their own desktops and mobiles. This will ultimately help strategists and businesses alike to improve the quality of their marketing efforts in order to keep and attract the people that actually need their services.

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