Real-time viral marketing – Is it still going viral?

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  • By Admin
  • May 1, 2015
  • Online Marketing

We’ve noticed a few murmurings recently in the content marketing world, on how effective – or ineffective – real-time viral marketing is at this current point in time. A lot has changed since Oreo sparked the real-time marketing revolution – subtly suggesting via Twitter that you can still eat the biscuit treats even in the dark during the 2013 SuperBowl power outage – and it may be time to re-evaluate its importance.

Real-time viral marketing is, essentially, targeted social media plugs relating to an extremely popular trend at any given occasion. Since Oreo’s success, many other companies have devoted all of their online advertising resources into looking for ways to interject their name into the discussion. This makes logical and numerical sense – the AFL Grand Final alone has a television audience of 3.3 million people per year on average – but is it worth devoting all of your resources towards?

The time spent searching for something popular to comment on and get your brand out there can be better spent, of that there is no doubt. Successful and proven internet marketing processes revolve around these core principles:

  • The message and tone of the brand
  • Humanising the face of the brand
  • Hitting the key demographics that the brand requires to be targeted
  • Relevant and informative content

These principles underpin what content marketers look to score highly in for each of the various campaigns they may undertake. The slow and steady approach – building up a rapport with potential clientele – always brings in results, without the need for attention grabbing, one-off comments or posts. But, despite those lamenting the creation of real-time viral marketing, the principles listed above are exactly the same that viral marketers look for!

Rather than choosing one or the other, it should be striking the right balancebetween the two forms of gaining the attention of the social media populace. The foundations of any marketing campaign should be establishing a connection with those either intrigued or looking for your services or products, and advertising – positively – what you can offer them that’s different from your competition.

Should a situation arise where you can apply real-time viral marketing, why not? Sadly, there are still many businesses neglecting to build a solid supporter base, before they take on the social media world with witty tweets or posts.

At IT Consulting Company, we possess an impressive track record of content marketing and mobile campaign optimisation, that have reaped excellent results for our clients. We can expand your awareness through striking the right balance between viral and established marketing processes, ensuring that you’re getting the reach that you so desire for your company. Call us up today on 1300 770 119 for a free, no-obligation consultation, and let us show you the difference we can make for your business!

So what do we all think about viral marketing in these current times? We’re keen to find out your opinions, so don’t forget to leave us a comment!