The potential on offer with mobile PPC

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  • August 1, 2016
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If the IT industry in 2015 could be defined in one title, it would be the rise of the mobile. Through the changes made to the way search engines prioritised mobile friendly websites, to the rise in social media use on mobiles and generally overall, mobile now rules supreme.

This naturally has spilled over into new ways of thinking, such as how we advertise to mobile users. One aspect of online advertising, mobile PPC, has thus far in 2016 been a big talking point. Once neglected in favour of strict desktop advertising, mobile PPC is an effective way of grabbing an increase in leads and sales.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about the many advantages that mobile PPC can pose for your business. Exploring both the physical and statistical benefits of mobile PPC, we’ll also briefly look into where this powerful marketing tool is going, and how it can be further refined to deliver exceptional results for your business.

First off, what is mobile PPC?

Mobile PPC delivers a paid-for advertisement at the top of the Google search results on any mobile device. It functions and displays in a similar way to its desktop counterpart, albeit with less physical space on the screen. Mobile PPC has been around for quite some time, although as previously mentioned, many people disregarded it for favour of online desktop advertising.

What are the advantages?

The major one is the sheer number of people that use mobile devices almost on a daily basis as opposed to other means of accessing the internet. This may seem quite obvious to many, however you can’t quite grasp an appreciation of this factor until you see the numbers. 80% of people in this modern age simply do not leave the house without some form of mobile device, with a further 61% of these having admitted to solely conducting all of their searches on this device.

This is a colossal number of people, and an audience of people that may otherwise be inclined to use your services or buy your products. These searches range from the standard line of enquiries, such as a plumber in their suburb, to more specific lines like looking for a particular cuisine in that particular area. This tells us that it is both the numbers and the scope that are making PPC on mobiles so popular.

Ad saturation

We aren’t talking about using mobile PPC to flood users with your ads. Rather, that there is scope and an opportunity for your ads to be seen by many people out of this large number that we discussed above. Take into consideration that users spend up to 7.3 hours on average per week using online media on their phones. That is a lot of time to possibly see your ads, and more than any other form of conventional media in relation to advertising.

In this sense, mobile PPC effectively gives you an ongoing presence in front of this wide audience, albeit for your set time frame. This leads to a greater potential for leads, too, given that mobile users tend to act more personally with their device, as opposed to the conventional desktop. This level of engaging ad saturation is simply far too great to simply pass on, and can be a powerful tool for boosting your general enquiries.

Fine tuning

Mobile PPC is made up of many components and instances where you can essentially fine tune your ad campaign right down to the time of the day when it appears. This ultimately puts all of the power of the PPC campaign directly into your hands, and giving you an invaluable opportunity to directly reach your key target audience. If you have done your research, and you know how this audience acts, then specifically targeted mobile PPC ads will reap you amazing rewards.

Filling screen space

One major benefit that mobile devices have over desktops in almost every important aspect is the smaller screen size helps draw more interest. Whereas the larger desktop screens can often allow the eye to wander, so to speak, the smaller mobile or tablet screen size allows the user to basically hone in on the content being displayed, without interference.

When we apply this to mobile PPC – where your ad will be displayed at the top of the search results page, this is invaluable real estate that your ad has taken up. The use of the mobile device also becomes a factor, where we can safely assume that a majority of mobile searches are done ad hoc and on the go, and where time is of the essence. Having mobile PPC ads that hit this mark will effectively return their investment quickly and in spades.

Want to find out more?

At ITCC, we’ve been working with mobile PPC even before mobile devices started to dominate the market landscape. Our strategies and engineering of PPC campaigns have proven to deliver exceptional results for our clients, with our experience allowing us to know exactly what to fine tune in any campaign in any industry. Get in touch with one of our digital consultants right away to find out more on just how a mobile PPC campaign can boost your advertising stocks.