New improvements to facebook can make a difference to new-improvements-to-facebook-can-make-a-difference-to-companies

  • By Admin
  • December 23, 2014
  • Social Media Marketing

ITCC has discovered new ways to improve your business via social media. Due to some new updates on Facebook, ITCC can help you to improve your business via social media unlike ever before.

Everybody knows that social media is very helpful in reaching audiences that a company wants to target. In fact, ITCC uses social media platforms and social media marketing, to assist its clients in reaching their audiences.


Check out these new updates on Facebook that ITCC can help you use, to help you improve your business:

Reach followers in a completely different way: Through the Targeting and Privacy setting on Facebook, you can now reach your followers based on their interests. This could be very useful for businesses who only want to target a certain group of their followers, but not all of them.

Have more say and control in relation to your posts: Businesses can also say when a post should stop showing. For instance, if a business wants to run a campaign via Facebook for a certain period of time, the posts relating to the campaign can stop showing after that time. However, this particular tool only works in relation to News Feed, not on your Page. Again, the Targeting and Privacy setting enables this.

Worry less about what works: You can also get Facebook to publish popular stories. This is done automatically, through the Smart Publishing setting. In this way, the popular stories can be published, without you having to worry about what works and what doesn’t work with your followers. Although you won’t get to see this happening on your page, you can see data in relation to these posts, control these posts, and see engagement with these posts, in Insights.
See what is bringing you traffic: Facebook has also made it a lot easier to see what is bringing traffic to your website, in the Domain Insights setting.


All of these changes can prove to be very beneficial for any business, no matter its size. So contact ITCC today, and allow us to improve your business via social media.