New Financial Year, New You: 5 Digital Marketing Resolutions To Keep Your Business Ahead

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  • By Admin
  • June 15, 2018
  • Digital Marketing

When everyone's busy assessing their books during this busy time, it's hard to think that reassessing your marketing strategy is crucial.

However, tying in a brand new campaign to during this financially-focused period is more important than ever.

If you don't reassess your marketing campaign now you might be losing out on key trends and innovative ways to push your brand forward.

While everyone's busy tending to their own accord take heed of these upcoming digital marketing tools and techniques that will make you flourish above the rest by the start of the new financial year:

1. Invest in high-quality videos

Video content isn't something new. It's a digital marketing trend that's becoming more and more of an essential medium. And yet, the majority of businesses are either still image-focused or re-using the same videos they've had over the past couple of years.

Everyone's growing relationship with the digital space has made it so instant gratification through engaging short video clips is a viable and elusive online advertising strategy.

Consider using videos in various ways, not just through ad content. Plenty of apps and platforms are readily available like Boomerang, Snapchat, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, so there are no more excuses to not have your business promoted through captivating videos.

2. Tailor your content to your audience

Finding the balance between creating promotional and influencing content can be tough. But at the end of the day, the way you present your brand will never get you the right kind of clients unless you are producing content specifically for them.

You shouldn't abuse your audience by only providing them with content that is constantly pestering them to do something for your business. From the SEO content to social media copy, make sure you always keep your audience in mind.

Building authority is just as important as any call to action as it shows new and current customers that you're more than just a service provider. If your marketing strategy is heavily focused on sales make sure you balance it out by offering your audience with quality content like articles, videos and more showing your expertise in your field.

3. Don't forget to optimise for mobile

Any digital marketing agency will tell you "going mobile" is "the new going digital". The availability of the internet in the palm of everyone's hand makes it a no-brainer that your digital platforms work seamlessly on mobile.

Whether you've just signed a deal to develop a new website or had a site you want to bring to current standards, you'll need to put its mobile version through heavy A/B testing. Everything under the UX needs to be 100% as your site will lose a lot of traffic if there's even a slight chance of delay in what the visitor wants to achieve.

Responsiveness is key and The Huffington Post had even posted report stating that 57% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Let alone 30% of users who will abandon a purchase if the shopping cart isn't optimised for conversion. Keep the attention (and business) of your loyal and new visitors by maintaining an impressive website on desktop and mobile.

4. Be present in multiple platforms

Gone are the days where all you needed to succeed in the online marketplace was a website. No matter what kind of industry you're in, from food and beverage to concrete cutting, it's important that your brand is available across all the major digital platforms and specific outlets for your business.

The internet has become the new yellow pages and what will have potential clients ringing your number is highly dependant on how much they can learn about your brand.

Along with maintaining a UX friendly and mobile optimised website you should also maintain a positive social media presence, keep high rankings as well as have great insightful reviews across your different platforms. Being an authority on the web will give potential clients more reason to trust your business over others.

5. Embrace AI and Voice integration

At the end of 2017, everyone saw how much Google's voice recognition technology has evolved. And recently this year they showcased the possibility of completely AI based phone conversations.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve it's best to stay on top of the Voice and AI integration marketing trends that are currently in the pipeline. Now that more and more online customers are expecting 24/7 service and support, it's easy to see why AI and Voice integration is becoming more apparent.

The growth of chatbots has increased exponentially since 2017 and there are already predictions that the global chatbot market is estimated to reach USD 1.25 billion by 2025. Before you know it everyone's websites will have more engaging and life-like chatbots and your own customers will be using AI to make appointments with your service.

At the end of the day, you need to adopt the right digital marketing solutions that suit your business' needs. If you need a hand fine-tuning your online brand for the new financial year get in touch with our digital marketing experts in Melbourne today. We can provide you with the perfect bespoke strategy to help your business grow. Talk to us about your business goals for the new financial year today by calling 1300 770 119 or send us an email at