#Mobilegeddon – What you need to know to avoid being hit

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  • By Admin
  • April 17, 2015
  • Mobile, SEO Services

Google’s big adjustment to the algorithms regarding mobile device searching is almost upon us. As we discussed recently, the repercussions for those who are still yet to optimise their website for mobile use will be drastic. If you haven’t considered doing so just yet, you really need to before April 21, as Google has recently announced more specific details on what exactly will change, and how it will affect you.

Google has confirmed that this will only affect the SERP’s for those viewing them on a mobile device, and has also removed fears that small businesses relying on enquiries that stem from Google’s “Local Pack” will be hit. The Local Pack is the seven or so links that pop up when you search for a specific, localised term – such as restaurants in St. Kilda. These results will not be targeted, regardless of their friendliness towards mobile users, as they are integrated into the Google Maps algorithm itself.

Sites that benefit from Google’s news search will also not be targeted, again removing the concerns of smaller businesses – such as a local publication – that they will be hit. The generous stay-of-execution granted to local businesses is a hint in who Google is really targeting with this algorithm tweak. Google is effectively saying to the big companies to stop being lazy in optimising their page, echoing the grievances of many mobile users around the world.

Just in case this is the first time that you have heard of the upcoming destruction of non-optimised pages, here are a few things that you can do to ensure your page gets a pass mark before the 21st.

Dynamic Serving

If you have a mobile optimised version of your site, it’s important to let Google’s army of web crawlers know! By using mobile specific vary HTTP headers, such as rel=”alternate” to the targeted mobile pages, you will be flagging your site’s catering for mobile development.

Meta Viewports

Viewport tags with static numbers are a sure way to slide down the rankings come the 21st of April. By using percentages, you will be able to not only have your content exactly to the size that you want, but also have that reflected directly on a mobile screen.

Crawler Blocking

Some website owners have accidentally signalled to the crawlers that their site is not to be looked through, and if the crawlers cannot do this, they will report back to Google HQ with bad news for you. Ensure that your robots.txt file allows for crawlers to access all of your pages.

At IT Consulting Company – a professional SEO company in Melbourne – we have ensured that all of our clients have either a fully optimised mobile site or a responsive web design, and can do the same for you. We are currently offering new signups 10% off when you sign up for a RWD before April 21, plus two, free revisions of your website. Contact us today on 1300 770 119 and ask to speak to one of our digital media strategists regarding the importance of both optimising your website for use on mobile devices and mobile campaign optimisation.

Have you ensured that your website is optimised yet? How did you go about it? Or maybe you have some unanswered questions regarding the coming update? You can use the comments section below to ask us directly.