Is link building still important? We investigate further

  • By Admin
  • March 26, 2015
  • SEO Services

Last month, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller on his regular Google+ hangout session, seemingly dropped a bombshell that sent the entire SEO community into raptures. Link building, he said, should be the least of anyone’s concerns, John stating, “In general, I’d try to avoid that”, when asked a question about the relevancy of building a portfolio of backlinks. The reaction since has been incredible, with many people debating the meaning and tone of his comment.

This posed a particular conundrum for highly experienced SEO experts who had practiced effective link building strategies for many years. Around the time when SEO started to become an effective tool to become noticed on the world wide web, link building was indeed the most important aspect to focus on. However, with the improvements in Google’s algorithms, it’s a fact that this focus on link portfolios has waned in recent years.

That’s not to say that link building is a dead art – a good portfolio of links can still add valuable percentage points to your total SEO score – however, it’s just not as important or as effective as it once was, and there are much more better ways to boost your page ranking. Google is constantly designing and modifying its search engine to be more human like in thought, and with this in mind, what exactly do humans look for in terms of a resourceful website?

  • Informative content
  • Vibrant, explanatory images
  • Interactivity with content and interface
  • Responsiveness of interface

Do we look at the amount of links it has to determine whether it’s all of the above? Of course we don’t! We look at the quality of the page itself, and what it offers us. If you have been following our recent articles, you will have noticed we keep referring to the standard of your content as the key tool for good SEO practices. This is no coincidence – good content does more good for your ranking than anything else.

So what can you focus on, other than outdated link building practices that will work wonders for your page ranking? Below, we’ve included four simple, easy to do tasks that will boost your online presence:

  1. Informative and Engaging Content – Allow your readers to interact with what you’ve written or posted, make sure it provides expert knowledge and ensure that it’s accessible
  2. Organic Promotion – Share your content via the respective social media platforms, but make sure it’s sharable! Content sharing can build up more links than outreach link building could ever achieve
  3. Keyword Usage – Use keywords that relate to the entire subject, and not just repeat the subject endlessly. This will make your content more identifiable for web crawlers
  4. Follow Trends and Innovation – Internet marketing tactics seems to change almost every single day, so keep a tab on the latest trends and use them to their full potential

At IT Consulting Company, we are always on top of the latest trends, and can build up your online power and noticeability without link building profiles. Through our team of experienced SEO experts, we can ensure that your website will have the digital presence that you desire. Contact us today on 1300 770 119 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation, and let us show you what we can do for you!

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