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  • Mar 15, 2019
  • Digital Marketing

We are on the crossover of a historic shift in digital marketing.

The surge in IoT (Internet of Things) technology will let us analyse, forecast and act on consumer behaviour in almost every business possible.

Sounds Interesting, isn’t it? But What Exactly is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is actually a pretty simple concept. It relates to taking all the physical places and things in the world and connecting them to the internet. It allows you to exchange data with one another, letting sellers and businessmen gather more information about their customer’s usage.

Why Is IoT a “Smart” Technology!

When physical places or devices start connecting to the Internet, that means they can send information or receive information, or both. This ability to send and/or receive information makes things “Smart”.

To be a “Smart” system, a thing doesn’t need to have super storage or a supercomputer inside of it. All it has to do is connect to super storage or to a supercomputer to cater to the request. At a broader level, there are three major categories for all the things that are being connected:

1. Things that collect information and then send it

2. Things that receive information and then act on it

3. Things that perform both the above operations

How Will IoT Revolutionise the Search Process?

“Big Data” is an understated word for the amount of data IoT can produce. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, IoT enabled sensors and devices will probably exceed cell phones and become the largest category of connected devices, generating an amazing 400 zettabytes of data every year!

Not only that, IoT will also bring significant changes in the online marketing and SEO process. Smart watches, wearable devices, voice assistance, intelligent cars and connected home automation systems will make many of our current SEO best practices less effective at best and obsolete at worst.

It will be very hard to predict the impact of IoT on SEO and Online Marketing Industry, as it will keep on changing as the technology evolves.

Alternative optimisation for Voice Based Output

It’s predicted that about 50 percent of all searches will be voice-based by 2020. Currently, Google Home, Alexa is already taking control over voice commands and doing the search for users to answer their questions directly. The future will be empowering these devices and focus more on optimizing for voice-based outputs.

Conversation queries are a new asset for the business user. Our SEO professionals at ITCC will focus more on conversational queries and optimise your website content.

How can ITCC help you?

1. Our SEO experts will analyse your content, imagining that user will be redirected to your website based on conversational queries. And optimise your on-site content accordingly.

2. Accurate, concise and question-answer pairs will help your website to rank well for all voice-based searches. We will make sure to put these pairs in appropriate places within your main website content.

Align with SERP

Google Search Engine Result Page has evolved really well over the past few years. Sections like, Featured snippet, Knowledge Graph, Visitors, People also ask, are easily available for the user which restrict users from visiting actual pages of a website. SERP may be transformed to get compatible with IoT devices in future.

ITCC: Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

While using a voice-based or gesture-based IoT device, you are no way going to check the whole website result page. Thus, any SEO strategy that focusses solely on SERP is going to be less effective in the coming future.

In the future, users may not visit your actual websites, as most information will be available on SERP itself. Our SEO experts will help you to optimize your websites to be featured by search engines to get highlighted in Google Featured Snippets.

Summing Up

IoT plays a vital role in the evolution of SEO and search results. IoT devices have already started spreading across the globe impacting a large number of industries and forecasted to produce ground breaking results for the Digital Marketing industry very soon.

Our SEO professionals at ITCC are highly-adaptive to newer technologies because flexibility is the need of the hour. It is time you take a wise decision to think about your website and stand firm and clear to grow in every direction possible.

Let’s Together Make a Difference!

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