In depth analysis of the critical reaction of #mobilegeddon

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  • By Admin
  • May 11, 2015
  • SEO Services, Web Design

Last week, we reported the first analytics and statistical research made into the effect that Google’s April 21st algorithm change had on the SERP’s. The stats firmly point to very minimal and muted SERP activity, however, there was a significant boost in the number of websites christened with Google’s mobile-friendly tag. Reaction to the algorithm change overall, however, has been much more varied and interesting, with the greater web community seemingly divided down the middle.

Particular criticism was derived from the publishing industry, who were quick to use the opportunity to once again open up the divide between old and new media. Largely lamenting the supposed difficulties of obtaining digital advertising revenue from mobile page visits, many newspapers brushed off the algorithm change as pointless. Those publications that did make the switch, however, received a moderate boost to their current ranking.

The claim that ad revenue gained from mobile devices is minimal – if not nothing – is highly misleading. Whilst there is an element of truth that mobile generated ads aren’t as effective in the financial sense as their desktop counterparts, what they fail to note is the direct line of enquiries that mobiles benefit from. We covered the behavioural benefits of mobile consumer action recently, including the incredible stat regarding 70% of mobile searches leading to either an enquiry of service or purchase of product.

These ongoing claims revolve around a minimal understanding of how the digital world works – with people looking more for trust, attraction, and assurance when browsing – something that throwing money at more advertising simply will not fix. It is a dramatic change in the psyche of advertising as a whole, especially when you consider that this shift has largely occurred only in the last decade, and it is something that simply will never revert back.

It is also important to remember that the algorithm change is also part of Google’s wider vision to create a digital world, in which this nature of spending money to gain enquiries ceases to be. When analysing the various Google algorithm tweaks in the last few years, there has been an underlying tone in their purpose – that of organic, unique content and an increase in convenience for the user itself.

Given that Google is most likely to continue with this belief for a more honest and transparent digital realm, it is important to always move with the trends of the company, given their importance and standing. After all, a more organic advertising world is of benefit to all of us, as it provides small-to-medium businesses with an even platform to compete in the greater world of industry and commerce.

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