How Google’s Speed Update Can Affect Your Rankings

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  • By Admin
  • July 23, 2018
  • SEO

Speed has always been a major factor in website rankings. But with the rise of mobile sites, your online hub’s performance on hand-held devices is becoming just as crucial.

Previously, mobile search results were only directly affected by slow desktop speeds. Now with Google’s Speed Update your mobile site’s individual loading time now correlates with its rankings on the mobile search engine.

On July 9 Google released their “Speed Update” where the loading speed of content on a mobile is now officially a separate ranking factor.

However, they do emphasise that while having the most optimal mobile speed is key, the update will only affect the slowest mobile sites.

This means if you already have a fast site your rankings won’t necessarily increase, but if your mobile site isn’t loading fast enough it could rank even lower.

Therefore, those who are new to the mobile world can’t rely on their fast desktop loading speeds anymore. You’ll also need to factor in optimal loading times for handheld devices.

  • Mobile page speed is now a factor for mobile website search rankings
  • Will only affect the slowest pages and therefore only a small percentage of queries
  • Applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the tech used to build the page
  • The intent of the search query is still more important than speed, so slow-performing pages with high-quality content can still rank high

The Speed Update and Google’s increasing focus on mobile-friendly websites is coming at a vital time where consumer behaviour research continues to showcase people’s growing relationship with their smart devices.

As a business, having a website used to be what separates you from the competition. Now that everyone’s online, the best way to stay on top is through mobile.

Make sure you don’t fall behind on handheld devices. Ensure your mobile landing pages are loading fast enough so Google’s Speed Update doesn’t ruin your rankings.

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