Harnessing the power of the app

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  • By Admin
  • July 27, 2016
  • Apps Development

So it has finally occurred – one app has brought the world to a standstill. We are speaking of course of the waves of interest that augmented reality apps have sent across the globe, and how it has shown us once again just how far a powerful and successful app can go.

This isn’t to say that apps are a new or returning trend, far from it, in fact. Since the emergence of smartphones, apps have been an ever present source of marketing and engagement with customer bases. Rather, apps are becoming more accessible, especially for smaller businesses, where perhaps the dream of owning your own app was out of reach financially.

Consider that in 2015, over 1,000 apps on average were being added to Apple’s store each day, whilst in 2012, this number ticked over around 700 on the same time frame. Only a small percentage of this (34%) are game related applications. Whilst the craze of hunting down creatures across the city has taken the spotlight, the majority of these apps are business or service related.

Business apps range from those devoted to purely selling goods and wares, to those that allow the user to find out more about specific key points of the organisation. Examples of these are students at a vocational training facility being able to revisit speaking points from a previous lecture, whilst also being able to see their lecture schedule and any other notes from the lecturer.

What makes a good business app?

The success of an app for a business is in being able to identify a particular section of your business that can be made more convenient. That’s not to say that you should be plugging gaps, but perhaps enhancing key areas of what makes your particular business tick.

For a restaurant, an app where people can quickly see the menu beforehand, whether any reservations are available, and make a booking would be a good idea. This feeds into the need for hyper-convenience from the consumer’s point of view, and the subsequent engagement will make a much stronger connection between your restaurant and your diners.

One example of an app for any business where shipping of the goods is required is to provide an interface that allows the user to order, track, and select the date when they will be able to collect their package. The little things in life such as this can be transformed by an app, making daily routine much more easier than ever before.

How difficult is it to make an app for a business?

Google and Apple have both streamlined the process for the creation and submission of apps for their Android and iOS stores respectively. Not only has it made it quicker and easier than ever before to get an app up and running, but it has also widened the scope of types of apps available.

Still, behind each great app is a committed team of developers and designers, one aspect of app creation that has not changed since the capacity to build an app emerged. Knowing how to create an app free of bugs or the onset of crashing, on top of understanding the interactive nature of the user and their experience, is tantamount to launching a successful app.

The app development team at ITCC is one such entity, and we’ll be able to fine tune every aspect of the interface of your app idea. We seek to increase the level of engagement that users will have with your app, as well as making sure that the experience by these very same users is one that is overall positive and informative.

We’ve developed apps for many of our clients based on the principle of enhancing a part of their overall business. However, we always look forward to the next big idea for an app, and are more than happy to make ourselves available to help you make your app idea turn from concept into reality. Get in touch with us today, we want to hear your big plans!