Google’s Digital Revolution

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  • By Admin
  • October 13, 2017
  • Online Marketing

Machine learning. Artificial Intelligence. These exciting buzzwords instantly filled the room as Google’s representatives took centre stage during their Masterclass. Co-founder Kunal Vyas and Amit Jaswal proudly represented ITCC as Google Partners at Google’s event.

Right now everyone is concerned with mobile. Everyone is after instant gratification. We all want to like, click and share at our own leisure. With the whole internet in the palm of our hands, mobile has become a driving force in everyday life, and in business. Mobile may be everyone’s priority, including Google, but during the event we learned that technology has already moved on far beyond.

AI, ML, And You

iPhone has Siri. Samsung has Bixby. And Google has Intelligent Assistance. We’re all familiar with all those dystopian films where machines rule the world. AI used to be a concept that was mocked out of fear, but it’s continued to shape the way we use technology for our own benefit.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence isn’t about us losing control. Technology isn’t hindering us. What we’re doing now is taking advantage of its capabilities in order to improve our everyday lives.

In reality, machine learning is still in its beginning stages. For example, it can play Atari’s Breakout game. Breakout is a simple game where the aim is to break all the bricks. Left on its own the machine was able to play, learn and even improve on its methods to complete the game. But it took around 75 hours to do so.

Machine learning is currently being used in technologies like Google Home’s speech recognition and Pixel 2’s photo recognition.

Google’s speech recognition technology has improved so much since 2016. In July 2016 the word error rate of its technology was at 8.5%. Now, it’s only at 4.9%. And it can even recognise the Australian accent.

It may seem like small leaps and bounds, but put into perspective, it’s very clear that through machine learning and artificial intelligence the industry’s future will bring in new opportunities for everyone that are beyond our imagination.

That’s what Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai believes: “The next big step will be for the very concept of the device to fade away.Over time, the computer will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day. We will move from mobile first to anAI first world.”

Google’s Future

Aside from the exciting strides Google have been making in the field of artificial intelligence, they are also busy providing new advanced software for better automation. This includes the Attribution Tool and Ad Customiser.

Nowadays, consumers, on an average, touch points on at least 10 different sources prior to making the final purchase decision. So it is imperative that we give importance to other assist channels/sources as well. Google encouraged us to move off from last-click attribution and view the customer journey in its entirety.

Only 17% Australian agencies and companies have moved off last click attribution. So the agencies of the future are the ones who are moving now to measure and manage the entire digital journey.

Consumers want information that is relevant to their moment based on time, device, location, interest and intent. Dave introduced a new feature for adwords, Ad customisers, to customise ads at scale to every context: Keyword, time, device, and user location.

We are eager to embrace Google values which has a broader vision of improving the dynamics of the society. From this year’s Masterclass event we are motivated with the thought of how AI and ML are making easier for human race to solve problems which are almost impossible for anyone who has all the resources and still fail.

We will walk together in ensuring that our clients are at the forefront of this, eliminating risks and errors by introducing AI to all our campaigns across all channels.