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  • January 19, 2015
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Content writers spend a lot of time working with words. These words are the most essential ingredient in making sure that your website stands out from your competitors. Each and every site within the same market are in direct competition for the same audience, and the way to compete for their attention, is to become liked by our biggest friends, the search engines.

Once a site is made it begins to develop a reputation with search engines, whether good or bad. As with the people in your life, if they are trustworthy, engage in good conversation, and help you, you will be more likely to put them at the top of your list.


Search engines rate and rank websites in a similar way.

Once a user types something into a search engine, these queries form what are known as keywords, and their effective inclusion within your website content will determine whether or not your site shows on page 1, or page 101.

If you build and develop your website to a point where it has established a good reputation with search engines, then your site will rank higher, for longer.

What can we compare this to in our everyday lives?

We can also compare Google to a very large Supermarket.
Hidden within this supermarket are millions of websites, one of which is yours.


Shoppers visit this supermarket everyday. Some know what they want, grab it and leave immediately. Others will walk around, unsure of what brands they want to buy. These shoppers, otherwise known as ‘organic traffic’ in the search engine world are the most important to your business.
Organic traffic refers to the traffic that is undecided as to who they are looking to use as a business. This is the traffic that you are competing with against other businesses, and are the main focus of any SEO campaign. They are known in the supermarket business as ‘wanderers’.
If you can somehow direct one of these wanderers to your site, you are not only attracting customers who had previously been unaware of your business, you are also steering them away from your competitors.

As you have also seen within supermarkets, certain products take up very little space on the shelves and some take up a lot. Some products have prime position in the aisle, and some are essentially out of reach and unseen.

The same way that supermarkets have found which areas of their shelves are the most effective for selling products, search engines are placing the most effective and relevant websites right in front of your very eyes.
Search engines want to show you the products and services most relevant to your search queries. Their accuracy regarding getting you what you want in the shortest amount of time is what makes them effective – it is also what makes them money.
However, unlike a supermarket, you do not have to pay search engines to get the prime position in front of the customer. You can slowly and surely get there by including fantastic content, that is updated regularly, and is highly relevant to the industry your site is involved with.
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