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  • By Admin
  • July 10, 2015
  • Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Facebook, in conjunction with an American based analytical firm, have released figures on how people use the massive social media platform. Forgetting the amazing statistics that it provides for digital marketers, it’s an important event due to the fact that Facebook very rarely releases any analytical information about itself. The study mainly focused on their mobile device app, and pretty much echo a statement you may have heard this year – mobiles are taking over.

The study predominantly focused on the amount of monthly visitors that use the app, all 222 million of them. It found that, on average, each user will spend over 14 hours surfing around on the social media giant. Whilst that may not seem that impressive, that’s over 9 hours more than people spend on YouTube, to put it in perspective.

Facebook Messenger is also performing better on mobile devices than all of the other IM hubs combined. WhatsApp is the next best, with Twitter surprisingly ranking fifth in this category (this may be due to their message function not being as easy to use as writing a tweet). When we consider that Facebook now owns WhatsApp, that’s a fair chunk of the market share that the company dominates.

The really eye opening statistic to come out of this study, however is that 76% of all Facebook usage is solely done on mobile devices. For social media marketers, this changes the game dramatically. It now means that, rather than playing to the tune of the desktop, orienteering your campaign to strike a chord with mobile users is integral to the success of a social media campaign. So what exactly do mobile users want to see?

Engaging content

Social media content marketing is unique to the rest of the digital advertising world, in that its success is graded on likes, shares, and comments. Make you content engaging, inspire people to comment back or share, and see your audience reach extend beyond what you ever thought was possible. It will also help to think about ways in which you can best use a call-to-action to further engage with your audience.

Short and sharp

Whilst anything on social media is theoretically possible, you do have one constraint: the size of the screen. This need to be at the forefront of any campaign concept. Ask yourself whether your undoubtedly great essay on your product or services look good on a tiny mobile screen? If you don’t think so, chances are that no one else will either. Try to keep it as short as possible, and break up your paragraphs into smaller, bite size chunks.

A picture paints a thousand words

One aspect of the small screen that works in your favour is that a picture will take up the whole attention of the viewer when displayed. With this in mind, make you advertising images possess clarity and punch, and seek to grab the attention of your audience through visuals alone. A detailed and attractive image could speak more for your brand and services than any amount of words could ever do.

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Do you use your mobile or tablet to use Facebook? Do you use it more than your desktop, or is it the other way around? We’d like to know what your thoughts are on this, so please leave a comment below!