Email Marketing Essentials: The Ultimate Checklist For Success

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  • By Admin
  • September 7, 2017
  • Digital Marketing

Despite being almost 40 years old, email marketing is still a prevalent tool that boosts business. Email marketing has many advantages include suiting current digital habits, versatile software and availability for big and small businesses.

Before you launch your next email marketing campaign make sure you check alongside these essential factors. Considering these key elements will ensure your business is making the most out of email marketing.

Research Your Audience

You can’t launch a successful email marketing campaign without knowing who your audience is. You’ll need to research your demographic thoroughly. The more you understand who you’re emailing and what makes them tick the more tailored your campaigns will be. Targeted campaigns not only keep current subscribers but also help create new ones

Use The Right Software

There’s so many email marketing software available. Ensure you’re using the right software for the right kind of campaign and function. For example, a program like MailChimp is an all-rounder, perfect for creating and scheduling campaigns. On the other hand software such as Mailjet focuses on sending, tracking and delivering emails. To enhance the productivity and purpose of your email marketing campaign you need to be using the correct program.

Create Engaging Content

The whole point of email marketing is to communicate with your current and potential clients. Every word in your email needs to count. Make sure your content portrays the right message and has an engaging tone that will keep subscribers reading.

Have A Captivating Design

Your content isn’t the only part of your email that needs to engaging. The layout and design of your email marketing campaign are just as important. Your reader needs to be able to view your email instantly with all the correct information, in a captivating way. A great design will not only keep the attention of your subscriber but will prompt them to take action.

Know When To Send

There’s no point in sending out the perfect email when no one’s going to be around to check it. Sending your email at the optimal time will maximise your reach and ROIs. Segmenting your audience will help you form the perfect schedule for your emails.

Get On A Whitelist

Alongside the birth of email marketing came SPAM. To avoid your client’s spam box ensure that you’re whitelisted. A whitelist is a collection of email addresses that can get through spam filters. These spam filters are intended to keep out unwanted emails. Getting on the whitelist guarantees your email is delivered safely to your contact list’s inbox rather than going straight to the trash.

Have A Strong Call To Action

Whether you’re promoting an upcoming sale, a new line or products or a special event, you need to have the correct call-to-action for your audience. Make sure your message aligns with your campaign’s call-to-action, and that it’s powerful enough to influence the reader.