Digital marketing trends 2013 that IT Consulting Company should follow

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  • June 23, 2013
  • Digital Marketing

Myriads of trends are taking shape, curious to influence the development of internet marketing in 2013. Given the trends from the last year some predictions are obvious for year 2013 – where the internet marketing will head towards?

Online marketing growing exponentially

With the rolling out of more than 500 algorithms including several data based updates last year the internet world witnessed substantial growth in search results quality. Google is just a part of digital marketing. Various other channels are also growing fast. IT consulting companies are mushrooming up to gain extra value from the internet opportunities. With this you need to follow the trend to offer best digital marketing services and first page ranking to your clients.

Digital marketing trends gearing up for 2013

Increase in Internet Users

The internet users are growing rapidly almost 8% across the world compare to last year. The catapulting internet community is influencing the digital media hub where huge money is involved online. SEO Consulting Companies needs to implement fresh and innovative strategies to be in competition.

Search engine marketing

Google is dedicated to improve the quality of search engine results sweeping off inferior content that are worthless to the users. Google deployed new too Author Rank to evaluate authors for their reliability – a watch dog. Google evaluates reliable links coming from the same author to establish the creditability of authors. It’s a great way to combat copyright violators and putting the quality content at a high pedestal. It is predicted that Author Rank will merge with Page rank by end of 2013.

Social media continue to rule the roost

Facebook will continue to grow with new launch of semantic search engine Graph Search. It is predicted that Facebook will overtake search activities from Google. Google+ will acquire more significance in SEO with improved users’ rate. LinkedIn will retain the top slot and Twitter will remain popular for easy connection.

Content marketing

Content will go stronger with algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda, which will make content the real king. Quality content will encompass quality information, graphics, videos, e-books, whitepapers, and interactive infographs. Small business SEO companies can gain extra mileage at this stage by offering best quality content marketing services.

Smartphones will steal the show

With 1.1 billion smartphone subscribers IT consulting companies should offer SEO services keeping small screen users too! Small screen will more in use than big screens in coming years.


Whether IT Consulting Company in Melbourne or in India, new opportunities are emerging for businesses to offer quality services to customers. The above digital marking trends should be followed and implemented to yield success.