Conversation APIs: A New Way To Talk To Your Clients

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  • By Admin
  • November 10, 2017
  • Apps Development, Digital Marketing

There are many sides to any business. From the service or product you’re selling, the staff that is creating or performing what you have to offer and how you manage everything all come together to determine your brand. But at the end of the day, your customers are your priority.

That’s why marketing is such a delicate practice. It allows you to reach current and future clients. The connection between you and your client base is paramount. As marketing evolves so do your customers. But at the heart of it is communication. API or Application Programming Interface allows online data and software to connect with each other. And conversation APIs are revolutionising the way your customers can be engaged.

Let Your API Do The Talking

An API bridges the gap between one platform to another. It’s already a powerful communication tool for software. Through a multitude of ways, you’re able to create specific programs that exchange information in real time from one online service to another. But now aside from its traditional function of bringing two separate software together, a conversation API uses natural language processing.

On the surface level, a conversation API reflects the nature of any chatbot available online. E-commerce platforms utilise this all the time on their landing pages, shopping carts and other online services to provide clients with support and information. But it’s advantage is that it’s able to communicate with clients on their level.

With the power of natural language processing, a conversation API bot can answer your client’s questions in an organic way. Instead of clunky, generic and alienating responses, natural language processing helps your customers communicate their ideas, not just data.

Technology is becoming more personal than ever. The processing power of the first computer can now easily fit into the palm of your hand. Building rapport with your clients doesn’t have to be based on face to face interactions solely. With conversation APIs, you’ll be able to maintain an organic and natural relationship with your customers.

Taking Advantage Of API

As API evolves into conversations and AI interfaces, it’s more imperative now than ever to utilise software integration. Make sure your business isn’t wasting time trying to juggle too many software applications.

API helps solve simple problems like:

  1. Organising all your data into one easy platform that’s updated in real time
  2. Relaying time-sensitive information instantly to your clients
  3. Keeping online visitors engaged through multiple information sources on one website

And now, APIs are even able to hold a conversation with your customers. There’s no limit to how APIs can improve your business.

Want to a new way to catch up with your customers? Or need help combining your software for better workflow? Have ITCC come up with the perfect solution for you. Our API experts will get your business back on track with the latest software integration technology. Get in touch with our team today by calling 1300 770 119 or send us an email at