Anticipating the biggest internet trends of 2015

  • By Admin
  • February 23, 2015
  • Digital Marketing

The turn of the new year has brought upon some truly fascinating developments and technological advancements that further refine everyday processes to increase our personal efficiency. We recap on the three biggest trends set to appear this year that could not only make our lives easier and more streamlined, but change the very way we view the world around us as we know it.

The Internet of Many Things


The concept of the Internet of Things (or IoT) has been an ongoing concept since 1982. Recently, however, it has literally exploded, and now encompasses nearly everything we see. From the tallest skyscrapers on earth, to surgeons in hospitals, the IoT now covers almost every function and facility. This allows for an unprecedented amount of integration between many industries and walks of life that was not previously available before.

When we say the Internet of Things, we are actually referring to the vision of every device imaginable, possessing seamless connectivity to the greater world wide web. This poses major ramifications for the way we go about our daily routine. Cars that can determine a specific date for necessary maintenance, and being able to manage the electricity usage in your home whilst at work, are just a few examples of the potential of the IoT.

For our industry in particular, an endless universe of connected devices poses absolutely incredible and unlimited avenues for brand awareness and targeted marketing. Specifically targeted engagement with audiences is expected to be the major step in how we consume information. This idea of projected messages towards specific areas where it is most likely to be well received, will provide staggering increases in both efficiency and conversion rates.


Voice Activation and Keyword Strings

Since the release of the Google app, the very way we lodge queries through the search engine has changed rapidly. As we use our tablets and phones more than ever before (a staggering increase of 171% in the last year alone), the necessity for searches to be streamlined as much as possible has led to voice activated searches. This, in turn, has changed the way we look at keyword strings from previous years.

As voice searches will become more and more popular, it’s important to understand how our language differs from the conventional text queries of yesteryear. We are more likely to ask our devices full questions, rather than the typical keyword strings we have used until recently. For instance, when looking for a Chinese restaurant, we will now ask “Where is a good Chinese restaurant in Melbourne”, rather than “Chinese restaurant Melbourne”.

Optimising your pages to follow these more accurate queries will be integral in 2015, as well as supporting information relating to that question. In our last article, we spoke of the importance of communicating a story to your readers in the modern age. This idea of being able to fluently explain why your product or service is ideal, will go hand in hand with more specifically directed queries.

Dedicated Social Media Platforms

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the power that social media can offer you or your business as a way to deliver your message to a wider audience. Focusing on the three main platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, we explained how using these three mediums helped you spread your product or service. What we didn’t discuss was the dedicated platforms now arising that suit a specific industry or interest.

Websites, such as Houzz, which targets those looking for unique ideas for home and interior renovations, are a great example of the usefulness of dedicated platforms. Companies that specialise in bathroom renovations can post and update their profile using Houzz, and be directly available to those looking for new ideas for their own renovations. Many emerging mediums are now available in a variety of industries that suit this direct targeting.

At ITCC, we are well on top of these incredible new trends, and are the first port of call for understanding how they work and what they can offer you. Contact us today on 1300 770 119 and see how these new innovations and trends can benefit you.