AdWords gets a facelift in latest Google update

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  • July 3, 2015
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You might be forgiven for thinking that Google is waging a war on web developers right across the globe – such has been the breadth of the updates they have been producing lately. On the 26th of June, they announced yet another change, this time focusing on Google AdWords (Pay Per Click). This recent update again had a deadline to comply with, and officially came into action on the 1st of July. So, what has Silicon Valley been up to with this recent update?

Essentially, Google is cleaning up both the way that people implement AdWords, and the way that viewers use them. The latter have been affected by a very minor, yet beneficial tweak in the “no-click” buffer zone around any particular advertisement. Google has further expanded this zone (something they did last in 2012), to minimise the possibility of accidental clicks on ads whilst scrolling. This will particularly help mobile users, and their increasing numbers.

However, it is Google’s change to the way that tracking the destination URL works, which is the most interesting and innovative of the update’s components. Dubbed “Upgraded URL’s”, people using AdWords will now see a “Final URL” option next to their usual destination URL field. The new field has been designed to effectively eliminate the need for third party trackers, by making them obsolete, whilst also allowing people to better monitor their ad’s progress and ROI.

Unfortunately, the term final URL doesn’t really shine a lot of light on what it is or what it does, so let’s look at this new, cryptic field, and how it compares to a destination URL.

Good URL’s and bad URL’s


Google has also expanded its tracking potential to circumvent the many people that this will inconvenience, and these trackers will cross over all of your ads, thankfully. Through this simplified process, Google’s aim is to make digital advertising through AdWords a bit more user friendly, and also continue their campaign against unnecessary redirects.

If you don’t use any third party tracking, or use auto-tagging to import all of your data into Google Analytics, don’t fret! You can sit back and relax, as Google has automatically upgraded your URL’s for you. It might be beneficial, however, to go through the new system to ensure you’re up to date with the new changes.

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Do you use AdWords, or any tracking devices? Will this affect you? Why not share your thoughts on this latest update with us below?