5 Advantages Of Cloud Computing That Will Enhance Your Business.

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  • By admin
  • July 27, 2017
  • Online Marketing

More and more companies are using cloud computing than ever. The Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that the number of Australian businesses using cloud services has gone up from 19 percent to almost one-third in just one year.

Cloud computing is not some futuristic luxury that only big businesses can afford. The future is now. Here are 5 benefits of cloud computing for businesses, big or small:

1. Online Mobility.

The beauty of cloud computing is that anyone with an internet connection will be able to access their company’s online services and data in real time. Cloud storage means you and your employees aren’t tied down to the office, or regular business hours.

2. Versatile Capacity.

Companies have to invest in a particular size of physical data storage solution in the hopes that it will be able to handle the current and future workflow. But it’s hard to predict how much storage is needed, especially when factors like busy and quiet periods vary. Cloud space is flexible storage solution that can be increased or decreased depending on the company’s needs.

3. Budget Friendly.

Businesses accumulate a lot of data as they grow. Physically stored data means more hardware has to be purchased to keep up with the company’s success. However, cloud-based storage solutions are pay as you go, cutting down the cost of paying for both physical and storage space.

4. Improved Teamwork.

Workflow in the office can go sour over little things like daily schedules to big things like location differences. But with cloud-based file sharing apps team members have real time access to create and share documents so they can easily collaborate with each other inside and outside the workspace.

5. Safety Net.

Whether it’s a huge data centre or a laptop, physical data needs a lot of maintenance as all the company’s hard work is stored there internally. But with cloud computing, you can backup all your data online and ensure its security through encryption, API keys and other privacy measures.

The ABS reports that a major factor in businesses not integrating cloud computing is the lack of knowledge about what and how the service works. To learn more about how cloud computing can help your business boom get in touch with our cloud computing experts today.