5 things to bear in mind when selecting an appropriate mobile development framework

  • By admin
  • June 2, 2013
  • Apps Development

Nowadays, developers have various options when it comes to choosing development frameworks. But it does not mean that all frameworks can assist you to build your app in the style you would like. It is worth noting that every framework will contain its own characteristics and issues. Below are a few factors to be taken into consideration before choosing a particular kind of a mobile development and its respective framework.

Is it paid for, or is it free

Versions that are licensed are likely to have more components than freeware. However, your choice will be subject to the application’s needs that you need to build. Many of the free platforms help you to come up with a known apps category including games, navigation apps, mapping apps and so on.

Terminologies it supports

HTML, Java, jQuery and CSS are examples of basic terminologies you can ever expect out of a functioning framework. Many developers seem to be turning their efforts to HTML5 because it plays a major role in cross-platform app building and is not costly.

Multi-platform component

There are many types of mobile model devices today in such competitive market, which have different platforms. Some of these platforms involve android, blackberry and Windows. Of cause, these platforms have their own development frameworks like android development framework. In the early stages when app building and development begins, a developer or any other app expert could build a single app for a particular platform only. The upcoming of platform frameworks empowered mobile app building, its development and increased the choices for developers. In order to make use of your developed app on various platforms, framework is required, which can enable you to work accordingly.

Changing directly into good native apps

Many systems are capable of assisting developers in order to come up with web apps and develop them, but the problem comes with the process of changing them directly to proper native apps. It is really a hectic procedure. There are some platforms available in the current competitive market, which helps the developers to change web apps directly to native apps just with a click.


When building and strengthening apps for many platforms, you should beware that compiling of an app for every platform will always be a very difficult process for the developers. In case there seems to be a minor alteration to the platform’s source code, the whole app requires recompiling in order for the alterations to work out. Additionally, the app requires more visibility; it is good to use app store optimisation process.