4 Simple Ways API Integration Can Advance Your Business.

  • By admin
  • September 28, 2017
  • Digital Marketing, Mobile, Online Marketing

Digital isn’t the future anymore. Digital is now. As technology progresses, it’s no longer a luxury to have your business online. A common problem in digital transformation is finding a way to bridge the gap between one kind of software to another. And that’s where API’s come in.

An API or Application Programming Interface is a software that links online services together. It opens communication between two separate programs. It’s as simple as sharing a photo from Instagram to Facebook. But API integration is also a powerful tool that businesses can utilise. Here are 4 innovative ways API can improve your business’ digital productivity:

1. Collective Data For Stronger Website Conversions.

Your website is your company’s online home. As the digital base of your business, customers rely on it to access your services. Ideally, your website should be captivating enough that when a visitor views it, they get all the information they need and book an enquiry right away.

However, what if the user can also benefit from information like a currency conversion, language translator or the current weather in a holiday destination? Instead of having your visitors leave your site for this simple research task, have an API to include this vital information. The longer you keep your online customer’s attention, the more their visit is likely to generate into a lead.

2. Retail Integration For The Ultimate Shopping Experience.

When online shopping first started, all online retail stores shared only necessary information: what their products are, and a simple shopping cart for you to order through. But online retail therapy has come a long way since then.

With APIs, your online store can include catalogues, product search, order submissions, and a variety of shopping carts from outside sources. The right APIs will help your online store stand out from others as it becomes the superior way to shop through its multiple capabilities.

3. Combined Cloud Storage For Improved Productivity.

Cloud storage and computing is becoming more heavily integrated in the way we use technology. Every people use streaming services like Netflix or Spotify through cloud storage so they can watch their favourite shows and discover new music.

For businesses, cloud storage systems like Google Drive and DropBox are becoming essential due to their many accessibility benefits. But because of all the different cloud storage solutions available, it’s also very common to have multiple services going at once. Using API cloud storage can centralise all your different online drives, so everyone in the office always has access to your company data, no matter where it’s kept.

4. SMS Integration For Increased Mobility.

We are known as the digital age for a reason. Our relationship with technology is more than just for advancement. It’s now become an important communication tool as well, with our daily use of smartphones. We constantly use online messaging apps and texts to keep in touch with people in our lives.

Because SMS is a fast and efficient way to reach others, it’s also an ideal communication platform to use for businesses. Combining SMS into your company will get your message straight to the comfort of your customer’s phone. From time-based sales, appointment bookings to delivery confirmations, SMS APIs are a great way to keep in touch with your clients.

Are you after an efficient way to connect your different business structures? Use API integration to bridge the gap between your ventures. Get in touch with ITCC’s API experts today. We’ll be able to link your different digital needs for better online integration, and better business.