4 Reasons Why Going Mobile Will Enhance Your Business.

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  • By admin
  • August 10, 2017
  • SEO

Evolution in technology is necessary. Change is always around the corner. Recently Google cut off Instant searches with the intention of adapting to new technological trends in mobile usage. And now Facebook is prioritising mobile-optimised websites on their newsfeed.

Business authorities like Google and Facebook understand that people’s internet browsing habits aren’t tied down to desktops anymore, now everyone has consistent internet access through their handheld device.

Over the past few years small to medium businesses have slowly integrated mobile in their marketing strategies, treating it as an extra method, but mobile is not optional anymore. Get with the times and ahead of your competitors by going mobile. Having your business up and running in the mobile market is easy. Take advantage of these benefits that will increase your business:

1. Mobile Integration To Boost Website Accessibility.

Desktops accommodate for full sites with rich content. However, it lacks the portability that handheld devices have. The ease of having all your website’s content in the palm of your client’s hand means there’s always a potential for new leads and conversions, no matter where they are.

Having a compact mobile website leads to higher rankings on desktop and mobile search engines, in-depth engagement with target clients through localisation and even allows you to interact with customers offline through QR codes for maximum reach.

2. Mobile Apps For The Ultimate Customer Experience.

While your web page is already a great online hub for your business and customers, having a mobile app makes creates a more personal and captivating experience for your consumers.

From creating a loyalty program for your regular customers, setting up scheduling and reminders for appointments, as well as mobile payments, instant communication and customer service. Mobile applications allow you to go beyond a website and suits your business and client’s lifestyle.

3. Mobile Optimisation To Increase Social Media Awareness.

Websites aren’t the only way consumers can reach your content. With social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus are just some of the multiple ways to interact with your audience. While these social media platforms have a strong affluence as desktop sites, they also strive in mobile.

Mobile socialising opens up the possibilities for marketing avenues including brand building, tapping into shareable and viral content as well as complimenting your on-page SEO strategy and increasing search ranking.

4. Texting To Promote Your Business.

While there are a plethora of messaging apps like FB Messenger, Whats App and Viber, texting is still a popular communication tool because it doesn’t rely on internet connection. SMS is a quick and easy marketing tool that can allow you to reach your audience in an instant where faulty online connections and lag would fail.

According to smallbiztrends 98% of texts are opened compared to emails, which are only opened 20% of the time. Text messages are also read within the first 3 minutes 90% of the time. Therefore you can take advantage of this prompt marketing tool to promote certain time sensitive campaigns, events and services to ensure your clients are always in the loop.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your marketing strategy and move into the mobile world get in touch with one of our friendly mobile marketing consultants at IT Consulting Company.