Voice Search: The Future Of SEO

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  • November 24, 2017
  • SEO

Search engine optimisation is an essential digital marketing tool. As technology evolves, SEO grows with it. 2017 saw the rise of mobile-friendly websites. With everyone’s close relationships with their smartphones and tablets, websites that functioned well on mobile devices were favoured on search engines.

The correlation between SEO and technological advancements continue to rule the future of digital marketing. Now that mobile-friendly websites are becoming an essential part of everyone’s strategy, SEO is becoming even more integrated into mobile, including its voice recognition capabilities.

The History Of Voice Recognition

Virtual assistants used to be a futuristic taboo. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg can be seen here awkwardly trying to communicate with his AI assistant Jarvis. A common problem with virtual assistants was the poor speech recognition. Annoying misinterpretations made voice activated machinery a laughable conduct.

However, machine learning has tremendously improved speech recognition. In just a year Google has been able to develop the word error rate of 8.5% in July 2016 down to 4.9%. Now more people are trusting their technology with their voice. From Google Home to Siri, talking to machines is becoming more accessible.

Talk To Your Search Engine

Typing used to be the only way to search. All SEO strategies revolve around written text. But now with voice search customers have a new way to interact with your website’s search ranking.

According to Google 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search daily. Behsahd Behzadi even states that voice search has a faster growth rate than type search. Voice search’s popularity keeps growing because it’s a faster and more convenient than typing.

With the rise of voice search, it’s not only paving a new way for customers to look for businesses online but also requires new SEO strategies to accommodate the change.

Voice Search And Your SEO Campaign

Reaching Page 1 is just the first stage of any SEO strategy. However, to stay on Page 1 consistently, you need a campaign that’s effective and flexible for the future. And the foreseeable trend is now set to voice search.

Voice search engine optimisation is such a progressive trend that the only current way to adapt to it is by tweaking current proven strategies. This means putting even more focus on mobile-friendly websites, recognising speech patterns in text and utilising long-tail keywords to suit natural speech.

As voice search becomes more prominent evolved SEO campaigns will need to start considering the various ways customers find business websites online.

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