3 things that make an e-Commerce website user friendly

  • By admin
  • June 2, 2013
  • Web Design

In today’s world of technology, E – Commerce is a useful and resourceful way of communicating within an organization and one of the most successful ways of conducting business. E-commerce website designs have added a new value to internet browsing. With reference to the usage of internet, it is highly regarded and used these days as these websites are quite popular. It is vital to know the market structure in order to run an e – commerce site. Here are some features that websites for e-commerce should have.

Design of a minimalistic nature and an interesting logo

A good website will never include chaotic components on the website’s home page. Nowadays things have changed when it comes to style and design of the websites. An ecommerce website design is extremely efficient with simple and user friendly appearance. This implies that even though the ecommerce website would be having data in videos, photos and content form, it needs to appear big with adequate space for any client. Additionally, it is vital that the ecommerce website has a logo that is attractive to catch an individuals’ attention.

Simple checkout with overall free shipping tools

A checkout procedure is a vital feature in an ecommerce website. When building and developing your ecommerce website, ensure that you possess a simple, single-page checkout system. The process of payment must be via a properly secured gateway. It is essential to provide free shipping to approximately all your items. Even though most ecommerce website is shipment free after a particular amount. Free shipping has become a crucial feature for consumer’s website. Additionally, making use of the word press web design as a blogging tool will be of great importance in order to build your ecommerce website.

Brand placement and various promotions

An ecommerce store that does not provide discounts, freebies or even coupons, rarely find clients. A section of the main reasons why ecommerce websites are highly known is, they usually sell brands at lower prices; provide discounts and incredible offers. When constructing a website, make sure you come up with a responsive web design which is helpful; that it can help to emphasize your brand properly.

It is worth noting that if any of your websites are mainly created for the purpose of being used for ecommerce and lacks any of the above features, and then you should not use it for the same purpose as it will be incomplete.