28 great SEO tips for small businesses – Part II

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  • December 27, 2016
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Referred to as mobile-index first, Google has started laying emphasis on the mobile version of your business website for its search and ranking purposes. So what does that mean to your business? We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the mobile-first index.

What is the mobile-first index?

Google maintains a list of your website’s pages in its search index. These pages were discovered by its crawlers as a desktop user would see it. Now it is crawling the mobile interface of your website. Hence the name mobile-first index.

Why did Google shift from desktop focussed index to mobile focussed index?

More than 60 percent of the world’s population own a phone with most of the devices with an internet connection. And the percentage of mobile users is only increasing with time. Google certainly knows this. It studied that more search queries were coming from handheld devices over desktops. Thereby it makes more sense to Google to see your website as mobile visitor experiences it.

Who is this for?

The Mobile-first index should be taken note by anyone who wants their business to rank well in Google searches.

What if I don’t have a mobile version of the website?

Don’t worry, is what Google says. For those businesses who do not have a mobile site, google will index your desktop website as is.

My business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site. Should I worry?

Yes, as your ranking in mobile searches will drop considerably.

Will Google have different indexes for mobile and desktop websites?

Mobile- index first is currently in an ‘experiment’ phase. During the roll-out period Google will have two indexes but eventually, it plans to have only one. However, Google will fully implement mobile-first indexing only if it deems it useful.

When will this roll out complete?

While Google has started testing its mobile-first index on some users, a complete rollout is still a few months away. There is no date announced as yet. It is good to keep in mind that Google will push it out only when they are confident with mobile-index first.

What should I do to not miss out on my ranking?

Google says that they want minimal change around this introduction. But from your end ensure your website is mobile responsive and loading time of your website should be fast even on mobiles.