Case Study

Creative Transformation of Rio Tinto's Digital Presence

Client Overview

Rio Tinto, a leading global mining and metals company, recognized the importance of elevating its digital presence through compelling graphic design and innovative social media campaigns. To achieve this, Rio Tinto partnered with ITCC (IT Consulting Company), a seasoned expert in creative solutions. The collaboration aimed to enhance Rio Tinto's visual identity and engage its audience through impactful social media creatives.


Rio Tinto faced the challenge of maintaining a strong and visually appealing online presence that resonated with its diverse audience. The company sought to revitalize its graphic design elements and leverage social media as a powerful tool for brand communication, stakeholder engagement, and industry thought leadership.


We approached Rio Tinto's challenge with a multifaceted strategy that combined cutting-edge graphic design principles with social media campaign innovation.

Graphic Design Transformation

Comprehensive Analysis

Conducted a comprehensive analysis of Rio Tinto's existing visual identity, identifying areas for improvement and alignment with contemporary design trends.

Graphic Design Framework

Developed a new graphic design framework that showcased Rio Tinto's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and industry leadership.

Implemented A Cohesive Designs

Implemented a cohesive design language across various touchpoints, including the website, presentations, and marketing collateral.

Social Media Creative Campaigns

Collaborated Closely

Collaborated closely with Rio Tinto's marketing team to understand key messaging and campaign objectives.

Created Visually

Created visually striking and shareable content for social media platforms, ensuring alignment with Rio Tinto's brand values and industry positioning.

Strategic Planning

Developed a content calendar for strategic planning and timely execution of campaigns.

Utilized Data Analytics

Utilized data analytics to refine and optimize creative campaigns based on audience engagement metrics.


We seamlessly integrated the new graphic design elements into Rio Tinto's existing branding, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing identity across all communication channels.

The social media creative campaigns were executed with precision, incorporating engaging visuals, compelling storytelling, and strategic use of hashtags to maximize reach and engagement.

Regular reporting and analysis allowed for agile adjustments to creative campaigns, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with evolving audience preferences.


The rebranding initiative received positive feedback from Liquorland's customers, with the black-and-white theme contributing to a more upscale and modern brand image.

Graphic Design Transformation

  • Positive feedback from stakeholders and industry peers on the refreshed visual identity.
  • Improved brand perception and recognition in line with Rio Tinto's values and industry leadership.

Social Media Creative Campaigns

  • Increased social media engagement metrics, including likes, shares, and comments.
  • Amplified brand reach and awareness through strategically timed and targeted campaigns.
  • Positioning Rio Tinto as an industry thought leader through thought-provoking and informative content.


Our collaboration with Rio Tinto on graphic design and social media creative campaigns successfully transformed the company's digital presence. By combining expertise in graphic design principles with a strategic approach to social media content creation, ITCC not only revitalized Rio Tinto's visual identity but also strengthened its connection with a global audience.

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