Case Study

ITCC's Successful Revamp of Liquorland's Branding and Website Design

Client Background

Liquorland, a prominent liquor retail chain in Australia, approached ITCC (Innovative Technology and Creative Consulting), a leading IT solutions and design company, with the objective of a comprehensive rebranding and website redesign project. The client's previous branding consisted of a vibrant combination of red and yellow, and they sought a fresh, modern look to align with contemporary design trends.


Liquorland faced the challenge of not only updating its in-store branding but also enhancing its digital presence through a complete overhaul of its website. The ambitious timeline of 6-8 weeks added another layer of complexity to the project. The client envisioned a shift from the traditional red-and-yellow theme to a more sophisticated black-and-white color scheme.


ITCC embarked on a strategic approach to meet Liquorland's requirements and exceed their expectations. The project was divided into two main components: in-store rebranding and a complete redesign of Liquorland's website, including its content hub site, The Liquor Cabinet.

In-Store Rebranding

ITCC Conducted

ITCC conducted a thorough analysis of Liquorland's existing branding to understand the visual language and customer perceptions associated with the red and yellow color scheme.

The Design Team

The design team worked closely with Liquorland's marketing team to develop a new black-and-white branding strategy that would communicate sophistication and modernity.

Prototype Designs

Prototype designs and samples were presented for approval, and the final design was seamlessly integrated across all physical stores in Australia.

Website Redesign

Dedicated ITCC

A dedicated ITCC team focused on revamping Liquorland's online presence, emphasizing a user-centric approach to UI/UX design.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping and iterative feedback sessions allowed for quick adjustments and refinements, ensuring a streamlined and visually appealing user experience.

The Liquor Cabinet

The Liquor Cabinet, Liquorland's content hub, received a modernized interface, creating a cohesive and engaging digital experience for users seeking information, recommendations, and promotions.


ITCC deployed an agile project management methodology, allowing for quick decision-making and continuous collaboration with Liquorland's stakeholders.

The in-store rebranding was executed efficiently, with minimal disruption to Liquorland's daily operations.

The website redesign process involved seamless integration with Liquorland's existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition for both the company and its customers.


The rebranding initiative received positive feedback from Liquorland's customers, with the black-and-white theme contributing to a more upscale and modern brand image.

Liquorland's website traffic increased significantly, and the modern UI/UX design facilitated improved user engagement and navigation.

The Liquor Cabinet became a go-to resource for liquor enthusiasts, thanks to its refreshed design and enhanced content delivery.


ITCC's collaboration with Liquorland resulted in a successful rebranding and website redesign project. By understanding the client's vision, leveraging innovative design principles, and efficiently managing the project, ITCC delivered a modern and sophisticated brand image that resonates with Liquorland's target audience. The successful implementation of the project within a tight timeframe showcases ITCC's commitment to excellence and agility in meeting client needs.

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