Case Study

ITCC's Digital Performance Excellence for Bang & Olufsen

Client Overview

Bang & Olufsen, a renowned luxury audio and visual technology brand, sought to elevate its digital presence and drive increased engagement and sales. To achieve this, Bang & Olufsen partnered with ITCC (IT Consulting Company) for a strategic overhaul of their digital performance marketing initiatives.


Bang & Olufsen faced challenges in optimizing its digital marketing efforts to resonate with its discerning audience. The company aimed to enhance brand visibility, drive traffic to its e-commerce platform, and establish a stronger online presence in the highly competitive luxury consumer electronics market.


We formulated a comprehensive and innovative strategy to address Bang & Olufsen's challenges, with a focus on optimizing various digital channels to enhance overall digital performance.

Omni-Channel Marketing Integration

Conducted An In-Depth Analysis

Conducted an in-depth analysis of Bang & Olufsen's existing digital marketing landscape, identifying opportunities for integration and synergy.

Developed An Omnichannel

Developed an omnichannel marketing strategy that seamlessly connected Bang & Olufsen's online and offline touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.

E-Commerce Optimisation

Conducted A Thorough

Conducted a thorough audit of Bang & Olufsen's e-commerce platform, identifying areas for improvement in user experience, navigation, and conversion funnels.

Implemented E-Commerce Optimisation

Implemented e-commerce optimisation strategies to streamline the user journey, reduce friction in the purchasing process, and enhance overall website performance.

Content Marketing and Social Media

Content Strategy

Developed a content strategy that highlighted the craftsmanship, innovation, and lifestyle aspects of Bang & Olufsen products.

Compelling Content

Created visually compelling content for social media platforms, leveraging storytelling to engage the audience and drive brand affinity.

Implemented Targeted

Implemented targeted social media advertising campaigns to reach and convert potential customers.


We collaborated closely with Bang & Olufsen's marketing and e-commerce teams, ensuring alignment with the brand's values, target audience, and business goals.

Performed rigorous testing and optimisation processes were implemented to enhance the effectiveness of digital campaigns and strategies.

Ongoing analysis and reporting provided actionable insights, allowing for continuous refinement and improvement in digital marketing performance.


Omni-channel Marketing Integration

  • Achieved a seamless and consistent brand experience across all digital touchpoints, strengthening Bang & Olufsen's positioning as a luxury lifestyle brand.
  • Increased cross-channel engagement, with customers seamlessly transitioning from online research to in-store experiences.

E-Commerce Optimisation

  • Marked improvement in website conversion rates, reducing bounce rates and enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Streamlined and user-friendly navigation resulted in increased online sales and a boost in average order value.

Content Marketing and Social Media

  • Elevated brand awareness and engagement through compelling storytelling and visually appealing content.
  • Successful social media advertising campaigns resulted in increased reach, engagement, and conversions.


ITCC's collaboration with Bang & Olufsen in digital performance marketing successfully addressed the company's challenges and resulted in a significant enhancement of online visibility, engagement, and sales. The positive outcomes reflect ITCC's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that align with the unique needs and aspirations of luxury brands. Bang & Olufsen is now well-positioned to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape, connecting with its discerning audience and maintaining its status as a leading brand in the luxury consumer electronics market.

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